Table of Contents

  1. Purpose
  2. General
  3. Responsibilities
  4. Procedure
  5. Flowchart
  6. References
  7. Attachments

1. Purpose

This procedure describes the format, preparation and administration of professional résumés of Company personnel.

2. General

This procedure is applicable to all operating departments.

Résumés shall be made for the following personnel only. Additional résumés will be prepared only if requested by a client.

  • Project Director
  • Project Manager
  • Project Safety Coordinator
  • Project Controls Manager/Coordinator
  • Lead Planning and Scheduling Engineer
  • Lead Cost Engineer
  • Project Process Supervisor
  • Process Engineer
  • Commissioning Supervisor
  • Chief Heat Exchanger Specialist
  • Project Engineering Manager
  • Design Engineering Supervisor
  • Lead Project Engineer
  • Authority Engineer/Coordinator
  • Piping Squad Leader/Design Coordinator
  • Lead Specialist Engineers
  • Civil Structural, Electrical
  • Control Systems, Mechanical
  • Project Procurement Coordinator
  • Project Subcontracts Manager/Coordinator
  • Project Purchasing Supervisor
  • Project Expediting Supervisor
  • Safety Manager
  • Quality Assurance Manager
  • Construction Manager
  • Site Superintendent, Supervisor
  • Project Accountant

3. Responsibilities

The Department Managers are responsible for the preparation and updating of résumés for personnel within their department.

The Manager of Proposals is responsible for the administration of all Company résumés. This responsibility may be delegated to the Proposals Coordinator. The Manager of Proposals is also responsible for the screening of all résumés for confidential clauses where necessary.

The Manager of Human Resources is responsible for informing the Manager of Proposals of appropriate personnel changes.

4. Procedure

4.1 Preparation

The requirement for a new or updated résumé is recognized by:

  • The Human resources department for new employees
  • The Department Manager for a specific proposal or assignment

Each responsible Manager shall ensure a draft résumé is prepared for the necessary personnel within his department and shall submit the draft résumé to the Manager of Proposals, who shall arrange for the typing of the draft résumé using the standard Company format (see Attachment 1).

The Manager of Proposals shall submit the typed résumé to the relevant responsible Manager for comments.

Each responsible Manager shall mark up comments and return the résumé to the Manager of Proposals for finalization.

Upon finalization, the Manager of Proposals shall ensure that the original résumé and copies for distribution are printed on the official Company résumé paper.

The Manager of Proposals shall distribute to each Department Manager one copy of the résumé. The Department Managers are responsible for the proper filing of these copies.\

The Manager of Proposals shall distribute one additional copy of the employee's first résumé to the Human Resources Department for retention in their files.

The Manager of Proposals is responsible for the filing of the original résumé.

4.2 Retention of Records

The Manager of the Human Resources Department shall regularly inform the Manager of Proposals of personnel no longer employed by Company.

Copies of résumés of ex personnel shall be sent by the Manager of Proposals to the Human Resources Department to be kept in the ex employee's file.

4.3 Format

The standard format for all résumés shall be as per Attachment 1, and shall include the following information:

4.3.1 Position for the Project

As defined within the Company position title, as issued by Human Resources, e.g.:

  • Project Director
  • Project Manager
  • Project Engineer
  • Process Supervisor
  • Process Engineer
  • Chief Instrument Engineer
  • Senior Instrument Engineer

4.3.2 Name

First name and initials, if any, followed by family name. All in capital letters.

4.3.3 Position

The position shall be indicated, together with the responsibilities associated with the position.

4.3.4 Age

When requested by the Client the nominated candidates age will be shown on the Cover Sheet only which lists name, position and age of the Key Personnel.

4.3.5 Selection Criteria

List 4 to 6 reasons why this candidate has been selected for this position on this project. The criteria will be specific for each proposal.

4.3.6 Experience

A brief description shall be given on the experience gained, the positions held and responsibilities exercised. Special aspects, if any, shall be indicated for each proposal.

4.3.7 Membership

Where applicable, standardize on descriptions, e.g.

KIVI : Member of Royal Institution of Engineers in The Netherlands

NIRIA : Member of Institution of Registered Professional Engineers and Graduated Technical College Engineers.

MICE : Member of the Institute of Chemical Engineers

4.3.8 Nationality

This section shall indicate the residential citizenship, e.g. the Netherlands, the US, British, etc.

4.3.9 Languages

The languages which are spoken, read and written shall be indicated, without indicating the standard of proficiency.

4.3.10 General Information

The start of the second page

The sequence shall be last employer first. Where applicable, standardize on:

a. Titles

b. Employers,

c. Dates: Years shall be mentioned without months. The present date shall end with "present".

4.3.11 Details of Experience

The sequence shall be "last project first".

Engineers having a supervisory task shall not list all projects handled under their supervision, but shall give a more general description of the type of work handled by their group, with some examples of specific projects.


A description of the type of plant is required, unless disclosure is not permitted, in which case "confidential" shall be indicated.


The Client's name shall be indicated, unless disclosure is not permitted, in which case "confidential" shall be indicated.

4.3.12 Miscellaneous Experience

Special items, if any, related to the profession shall be indicated. In general, these are activities which cannot directly be described as Project Experience.

4.3.13 Publications

Any papers or articles that have been published should be listed at the end of Details of Experience. Unless there are specific process highlights in Item 6 in the following sequence.

a. Title of article or paper

b. Name and location of publisher or magazine

c. Month and year published.

4.3.14 Date

The issue date of the résumé shall be indicated as follows: 0190 (January 1990).

4.3.15 Updating

Each résumé shall be updated at least once per 12 months.

5. Flowchart

6. References


7. Attachments

7.1 Example of Résumé

7.2 Example of Job Descriptions