Red-Bag is an independent company that specializes in software development for piping and mechanical engineering. Also services are provided such as authority consulting services. The name of Red-Bag is originating from the letters B-a-d-g-e-r. Badger was a leading engineering and construction company in the petroleum and chemicals industry until mid nineties. Red-Bag is founded by former Badger employees who gained extensive experience in the execution of Badger's projects. Red-Bag is a company that provides services to end-users and suppliers of the petrochemical industry. The core business focuses on software for the full supply chain from design, build up-to operation plus maintenance. The disciplines covered are equipment and piping engineering.


The organization is build around the core business of providing specialist software and services to our customers. At the same time the organization is responsive to sudden requests for assistance and to the specific requirements of our customers.  The various disciplines are acting as self-contained business units, continuously specializing further in their field of work. The acquisition of work is focused on more challenging and complex assignments or tasks in line with the specific experience of the engineers and consultants of Red-Bag.



Raytheon was the owner of Badger for many years with offices around the world. Badger, including the office in The Hague, was renamed in 1995 to Raytheon Engineers and Constructors. In 2000 Raytheon Engineers and Constructors were sold to Morrison and Knudsen and the company chose a new name Washington Group International.

The Washington office in The Hague, after a difficult period, came into financial difficulties in 2001 and the office in The Hague is now closed.

The founding of Red-Bag was the initiative of employees of the former Washington office in The Hague.

The company started with mostly engineering services but is now focusing the core business on software development for these services.



The idea for Red-Bag was born at the start of May 2001. At that time Washington Group International was in financial difficulties. The internal initiative was that the new company Red-Bag would become the 'life saving vessel' alongside the 'Titanic' in The Hague. Basically the new company would consist of the present experienced engineers and would continue the work in the (Petro-) Chemical industry. Unfortunately the bankruptcy for the office in The Hague came sooner than expected and before Red-Bag was an established company.


The initiative for Red-Bag has been continued after the bankruptcy of the Washington office in The Hague. The final founding of Red-Bag has been completed in 2001 and the company is in business ever since.