Table of Contents

  1. Purpose
  2. General
  3. Responsibilities
  4. Procedure
  5. Flowchart
  6. References
  7. Attachments

1. Purpose

The objective of this procedure is to ensure that Department/ Discipline references, specifically the codes, (client) standards, norms, rules and regulations (CSNRR) are properly registered and used under controlled conditions.

2. General

The system which provides information on the valid issue status for codes, standards, norms, rules and regulations is described in this procedure.

In principle all CSNRR used within Company are considered uncontrolled, which implies that not all CSNRR found within Company are of the latest issue.

The Librarian is the prime source for the provision and registration of these CSNRR which may be either on permanent loan to the various Departments/Disciplines or will be available in the library.

CSNRR from other sources (e.g. provided by clients for specific projects or referred in the CSNRR themselves) may be used only if it has been established that they are valid for use on a specific project.


Controlled by the Library means:

CSNRR for which the library receives up-to-date catalogs or to which we subscribe. The library verifies the validity of these CSNRR and copy holders are informed of changes.

Controlled for Departments/Disciplines means:

CSNRR for use within a Department/Discipline and for which the Department/Discipline Manager has decided that they will be kept up-to-date.

Controlled for a project means:

The valid issues of CSNRR referred via the PPEM (Project Procedure and Execution Manual); documents to be used have to be checked against these references.

3. Responsibilities

The Engineers are responsible for checking whether a code, standard, norm, rule or regulation they want to use is valid for the applicable project.

The Department/Discipline Manager or his assigned "controller" is responsible for:

- The decision which CSNRR he wants to keep up-to-date in his Department or Discipline reference system.

- Proper handling of copies of CSNRR provided by the Librarian.

- Reviewing current and new CSNRR for their contents.

- Determination of the need for new/updated CSNRR.

The Librarian is responsible for the purchase, registration and control of CSNRR. He is also responsible for the issue of copies of CSNRR on permanent loan to the various Departments and Engineering Disciplines.

The Authority Coordinator is responsible for maintaining a reference listing of CSNRR that may be used for projects and a reference listing of legislative references pertaining to engineering work.

4. Procedure

4.1 Activities of the Engineer

The Engineer shall check the validity of the CSNRR he wants to use against the reference list in the PPEM or directly with the Librarian as part of the normal design input review at the start of every design activity.

The CSNRR containing acceptance criteria and/or regulatory/safety requirements shall be identified, including the valid issue, on the design output.

Invalid CSNRR may only be used for reference and preliminary engineering activities. For any errors or inconsistencies found, the Librarian shall be contacted for advice.

4.2 Activities of the Department/Discipline Manager

4.2.1 The Department or Discipline Manager shall decide which CSNRR he wants to keep as "controlled references". All other references (or copies) in the Department or Discipline files or elsewhere, shall be considered as "uncontrolled".

4.2.2 The Department or Discipline Manager may, at his option, assign a "controller" for CSNRR on his department. A possible maintenance system for the departmental/discipline collection of CSNRR is described in ref. 6.3

4.2.3 New purchases shall be authorized by the Department Manager in accordance with ref 6.6.

4.2.4 The Department/Discipline Manager or his assigned controller or a specifically assigned engineer shall ensure that newly received CSNRR are reviewed for their effect on the engineering work.

Such effects may include:

- update of Departmental standards, methods and forms.

- update of procedures and guides.

- update of computer programs affected by the revised CSNRR (reference 6.1)

Changes which are considered of prime importance shall be made known to the engineers.

4.2.5 The Department/Discipline Manager or his assigned controller shall sign and return to the library the Permanent Loan form (att. 7.1) to confirm that he is aware of received CSNRR within his department.

4.2.6 The Standards Control form from the library concerning superseded or withdrawn CSNRR (att. 7.2) shall be evaluated to determine effects mentioned in 4.2.4. Appropriate handling/use of invalid CSNRR shall be arranged and replacement considered. The Standards Control form shall be signed and returned to the Library to confirm receipt of the notification.

Note: Current projects may still use superseded CSNRR depending on contractual requirements (see reference 6.2).

4.2.7 The Librarian shall be advised of any errors and/or inconsistencies found in the registration of CSNRR.

4.3 Activities of the Librarian

4.3.1 Requests for CSNRR shall be checked by the Librarian to verify if documents are presently available.

4.3.2 The Librarian shall obtain the CSNRR as they have been ordered by the Departments or Engineering Disciplines (ref. 6.6).

4.3.3 The Librarian shall register all newly obtained CSNRR. Details of registration are described in ref. 6.7.

4.3.4 New purchases shall be made known by means of a regularly issued "Standards Information Bulletin", which is distributed to the various Departments and Engineering Disciplines (see att.7.3 for a typical example).

4.3.5 Received CSNRR shall be sent on permanent loan to the applicable Department/Discipline and the Permanent Loan form (att. 7.1) to the Department/Discipline Manager or his assigned controller. Returned and signed Permanent Loan forms shall be filed by the Librarian.

4.3.6 The validity of controlled CSNRR in possession shall be checked by the Librarian. Details on control by the Librarian is described in ref. 6.7.

4.3.7 If a controlled CSNRR is revised, superseded or otherwise affected, the Librarian shall advise the copy holders with the "Standards Control" form (att. 7.2). Returned and signed Standards Control forms shall be filed by the Librarian.

4.4 Activities of the Authority Coordinator

4.4.1 The Authority Coordinator shall establish and maintain:

a list of legislative references pertaining to engineering work (maintenance guidelines, see ref. 6.5), as required.

a "Company." list of codes, standards, norms, rules and regulations (maintenance guidelines, see ref. 6.4).

4.4.2 These lists are available with the Authority Engineering Group in the form of controlled copies, which are accessible for each manager, engineer and designer. They can draw copies from the lists for their personal use, but shall note that the lists are subject to regular updates (see the relevant guidelines ref. 6.4/6.5).

4.4.3 The "Company" list of CSNRR is composed of various sections, namely:

  • applicable internationally accepted CSNRR.
  • locally applicable CSNRR.

With a further detailing per engineering area (e.g. piping engineering, electrical engineering).

Although the list is rather extensive it is noted that it mainly serves for orientation and does not mention each and every possible applicable CSNRR. It is noted in this respect:

  • that CSNRR are subject to continuous development and that the legislation of some countries require compliance with newly issued CSNRR based on the principle of 'the state of the technique' (this is e.g. the case for Germany).
  • that the scope of CSNRR applied in a project develops over the period of engineering.
  • the various sets of regulations and individual regulations contain references to other applicable documents, including other CSNRR.

4.4.4 Managers, engineers and designers who use the "Company" list of CSNRR may give comments on this list as appropriate and advise the authority coordinator for updating purposes.

5. Flowchart



6. References

  Document Number Title Level
Control of Computer Programs affected by updates of Codes, Norms and Standards
Procedure for the Identification and Verification of Project References
Guideline for Establishing/Coding and Control of was "Loans" of Department and Group References
Guidelines for Maintaining a CSNRR Reference List by the Authority Engineer (later)
Guidelines for Maintaining a Legislative Reference List by the Authority Engineer (later)
Procedure for the Acquisition of Office Supplies with a Deviation for the Library
Guidelines for Registration and control of CSNRR by the Library (later)

7. Attachments

  1. Transmittal Form for Permanent Loan (1 sheet, typical example)
  2. Transmittal Form for Standards Control (1 sheet, typical example)
  3. Standards Information Bulletin (3 sheets, typical example