Software is nothing more than a tool to support engineering and design work. The software should not be a burden or difficult to use. It should be open and the results should be easy to validate. Our software is made to the need of engineers and will be further developed according their requirements.

Reference to free (online) software for study purposes only. Our purpose for these tools is only to get some feedback from users on online software tools. The data used in these free tools might not be up-to-date and is not for actual engineering or design work.

The PCC pipe class component software is the current flagship of Red-Bag. There is no equal software providing this functionality. Read more in this section about the PCC software.

The FLG flange calculation software is our software tool to assess flange design and calculation. The purpose is to provide a detail analysis tool to verify the design and assess any malfunctioning or leaking flange assembly. It can be used for piping and custom equipment flanges. The articles in this section give an overview of the capabilities of the software.

About the E80 software

ASME B31.3 calculation software