The construction phase of the project is executed on the construction site. A construction manager is the head of the construction team and are responsible for the overall construction execution at the site, including safety, correct installation of equipment and material handling.
Below are some documents as used by the construction team to execute their work.
Number(.PDF) Description
RB26010 Day Log First Aid Treatment
RB26011 Day Log Medical Treatment
RB26012 First Aid Acitivity Report
RB26013 Employee Treatment Record
RB26014 Safety Non-Conformance
RB26015 Hot Work Permit
RB26016 Cold Work Permit
RB26017 Excavation Permit
RB26018 Enclosed Space Entry Permit
RB26019 Electrical Wor/Switch Permit
RB26020 Radiographic Inspection Permit
RB26021 Safety Inspection Report
RB26022 Near Miss/Lost Time Bulletin
RB26031 Daily Material Receiving Record
RB26032 Marterial Receiving Notice
RB26033 Material Receipt Notice
RB26034 Material Receiving Notice Register
RB26035 Over, Short and Damage Report
RB26036 Over, Short and Damage Report Register
RB26037 Material Requisistion
RB26038 Materials Stock Record Card
RB26039 Out Shipment Report
RB26040 Out Shipment Report Register
RB26041 Purchase and Bid Comparison
RB26042 Requisition Register
RB26043 Field Purchase Order Register
RB26045 Field Expediting Report
RB26046 Cable Reel Register
RB26047 Cable Reel Issue Register
RB26061 Subcontract Bidders List
RB26062 Subcontract Bids Opening
RB26063 Pay Item Authorization
RB26064 Extra Work Authorization
RB26065 Extra Work Authorization Report
RB26066 Work Report for Daily Work Orders
RB26067 Progress Payment Certificate
RB26068 Backcharge to Vendor
RB26069 Backcharge Register
RB26090 Field Purchase Cost Control Register
RB26121 Internal Field Document Distribution Schedule
RB26122 Daily Field Force Report
RB26123 Monthly Job Summary
RB26124 Site Survey Checklist