The Procurement Department is responsible for creating and handling all orders on the project for hardware such as equipment and installation.
Below are some documents to execute the work in the Procurement Department including the inspection and evaluation of Vendors.
Number(.PDF) Description
RB25001 Preliminary Quotation Summary ($)
RB25002 Final Quotation Summary ($)
RB25003 Preliminary Quotation Summary (€)
RB25004 Final Quotation Summary (€)
RB25005 Purchase Order
RB25006 Change Order
RB25007 Request for quotation
RB25008 Request for quotation (page 2)
RB25009 Inspection report
RB25010 Non Conformance Report
RB25011 Inspection release Note
RB25012 Quality Control Memorendum
RB25013 Inspection/Expediting Assignment
RB25014 Pre-Inspection Meeting (PIM) agenda
RB25015 Project Vendor non Conformance Log
RB25016 Supplier Performance Evaluation per Project
RB25017 Subcontractor Performance Evaluation per Project
RB25018 Vendor Alert Bulletin
RB25019 Purchase Order Amendment Request
RB25020 Supplier Quality Assurance Questionnaire
RB25021 Subcontract Bids Analysis
RB25022 ARCO Chemie Nederland Ltd
RB25023 Proposed Bidders List
RB25024 Terms and Conditions of Purchase
RB25025 Request for Quotation
RB25029 Expediting Report
RB25032 Inquiry