Table of Contents

1. General
2. Construction
3. Drawings and data

1 General

1.1 Description

This specification gives the requirements for industrial type fluorescent lighting fixtures for outdoor use in a chemical, refinery and hazardous atmosphere as specified in the requisition.

1.2 Standards

All fixtures shall meet the standards mentioned in the requisition and especially those with regard to type of explosion protection for application in Zone 1 and Zone 2 areas.

1.3 Site Conditions

Fixtures shall suit the site conditions mentioned in the requisition, and shall withstand a corrosive chemical and refinery atmosphere, with a maximum ambient temperature of 40°C, a minimum ambient temperature of -10° and a relative humidity of 90%.

1.4 Conflicting Requirements

In case of conflict between the conditions and documents mentioned above or between these and this specification or the requisition the severest requirement will govern.

Purchaser is not committed to check vendor’s documents such as quotations, order confirmations, drawings, etc.

Purchaser will review these in principle only. It will remain vendor’s responsibility to make the fixtures in accordance with this specification in a fully functional and workmanlike manner.

A deviation from this specification is only acceptable in case vendor has specified in his quotation under the heading “Deviations from Specification” the requirements he cannot meet and Badger has accepted this deviation in writing before order or in the order.

Failure to do so will be interpreted by Purchaser as confirmation that Manufacturer complies fully with this specification.

2 Construction

  1. To indicate the degree of protection of fixtures and terminal box(es) IEC publication 144 shall be followed.

  2. All fixtures shall be suitable for horizontal and vertical mounting outdoor, without any additional protection.

  3. Fixtures shall be treated for application in a chemical and refinery atmosphere. Site condition will be stated in the requisition.

  4. Identification System

    Fixtures with first letter E shall be fully explosion proof for application in Zone 1 areas.

    Fixtures with first letter R shall be of an increased safety design for application in Zone 2 areas.

    Fixtures with first letter N shall be of a normal industrial type.

    The second letter indicates the way of mounting. (see attached sheet).

    G = mounting direct to structure

    J = lampost mounting

    T = vertical mounting

    H = hanger mounting

  5. All fixtures shall be supplied complete with glands, capacitors for power factor correction, internal wiring, one terminal block, internal earthing screws, ballasts, fluorescent tubes, transparent covers, protective guards, etc. as indicated in the requisition. Furthermore fixtures shall be executed for the type of mounting specified.

  6. Where 2 glands have been specified it means one at each end. In this case through wiring as indicated in the requisition is required with a terminal block at each end.

  7. All fixtures shall be of the type without starter switches.

  8. For the fixtures of the increased safety design the types with single pin tubes (Philips TLX or equal) and explosion proof lampholders are preferred.

  9. If “pendant” mounting has been specified, fixtures shall be executed with suspension eyes on top.

  10. Fixtures shall be compensated by means of internal capacitors in such a way that power factor of the fixture will be as indicated in the requisition.

  11. All terminals shall be secured against loosening by vibration.

  12. The temperature rise at any part of the external surface of the fixture shall not exceed the temperature mentioned in the requisition when tested in the ambient temperature indicated.

  13. All stuffing glands form part of this requisition, and shall be suitable for PVC insulated, armoured, PVC covered cables.

  14. Test certificates regarding gas group classification shall be required for the entire fixtures as well as for the explosion proof lampholder itself.

  15. Fixtures with reinforced resin housing are preferred. It is vendor’s responsibility that the type of resin used is resistant against a petrochemical atmosphere.

  16. All external metal screws and bolts shall be of stainless steel.

  17. All fixtures shall be provided with an internal reflector.

  18. All components mounted within the housing as ballast, terminal block, etc., shall be mounted on a baseplate such that all components together can be removed as a unit.

  19. All non metal fixtures shall be of uninflammable material.

  20. All non metal materials shall be antistatic.

  21. The transparent covers and guards shall be fixed to the lighting fixture by means of hinges, such that they remain supported by the lighting fixture during relamping.

  22. Fixtures shall be provided with radio interference screening degree N according VDE 0875.

3 Drawings and data

Drawings and other technical data shall be furnished in quantities as specified in the invitation for binds.

3.1 Drawings and Data to Be Furnished with Quotation

  1. Outline drawings showing overall dimensions, weight, way of mounting, etc.

  2. Test certificates for the fixture type E and R. For type R a separate certificate for the lampholder is required.

  3. Installation instructions.

  4. Lighting curve with lighting intensities for all types of fixtures.

  5. Type of material regarding: housing, cover and guard.

  6. Technical description.

  7. Standards and gasgroups with which the items comply.

  8. For slip over fixtures drawings shall show length and diameter of conduit inside the fixtures


Light mounting types