Table of Contents

  1. General
  2. Development of Documents
  3. Verification
  4. Formal Approval of Documents
  5. Administration
  6. Document Changes
  7. Maintenance Company Documentation
  8. References


1. General

This section describes the development, maintenance and issue of formal documents and data.

Procedures shall ensure that all documentation and data, and revisions thereto, are controlled (ref.10.8.3), including:

  • numbering/identification

  • preparation

  • comments/checks

  • approvals

  • registration

  • distribution

  • filing/records

  • revisions/re-issues

  • control of void/superseded documents

Data stored and maintained on computer systems shall equally be controlled.

The issue, recall and control of documents shall be under the jurisdiction of duly authorized managers. To assist in identifying current revision of documents, lists shall be produced.

Specified distribution shall be made. Distribution logs shall be maintained if controlled distribution of such documents is made.

All transmittals of formal received/forwarded documents shall be filed and registered to enable traceability.

Registration will enable planning and monitoring/chasing of timely production and receival.

2. Development of Documents

Documents shall be developed in accordance with applicable procedures or using appropriate guidelines.

Formal documents shall be registered and identified by a unique number, issue, date and issue description.

Client's and/or joint venture partner's numbering systems shall be used in addition to the Company system, as directed by the Project Manager (ref.10.8.13).

Unidentified documents received from the client shall be registered with a "Document Received" (DR) number.

The name of the project, of the client and the job number shall appear on all project related documents, unless otherwise directed by the Project Manager.

Document numbers of cancelled documents shall not be reused.

3. Verification

3.1 Internal Comments

The formal verification, that may include discipline checks, inter-discipline checks, and/or multi-discipline reviews (see section 9.2), is applicable for formal documents (ref.10.8.7).

3.2External Comments

Documents that are required to be sent for comments to bodies outside the Company organization (client, authorities, etc.) are itemized in the project specification and/or project procedures.

All such documents shall be sent to the external body/bodies under cover of a Company transmittal, and in accordance with the project document distribution system/matrix.

Documents not returned within an agreed period with comments or approvals from the client may be assumed acceptable and processed accordingly, subject to the conditions of the contract (ref.10.8.7).

3.3Review of Comments

Whenever the originator of the document disagrees with and/or does not understand any comments received, he and/or the project manager shall ensure that agreement is reached with, or clarification is obtained from the originator of the comment(s).

4. Formal Approval of Documents

4.1Internal Approval

All formal documents shall be reviewed and approved for adequacy by authorized personnel prior to issue (ref.10.8.3).

4.2External Approval

Project Documents Requiring Client Approval.

The Project Manager shall identify as defined in the contracts those documents requiring client approval. He shall establish procedures to obtain such approvals in a timely manner.

Project Documents Requiring Authority Approval.

The Project Manager, with assistance of the Authority Engineer, shall identify the documents requiring authority approvals. They shall establish procedures to obtain such approvals in a timely manner. The relevant documents shall be marked (e.g. with a stamp) confirming this requirement.

5. Administration


All incoming and produced formal documents shall be registered and listed in an indexed system that enables the planning and monitoring of their production, including significant milestones.

Indexes shall indicate the valid/current revision (issue) status of documents. Documents that are obsolete or have been superseded shall be marked as such and/or segregated, disposed of, removed or recalled from all points of issue and activity locations.

The Manager of Quality Assurance maintains a control index for filed Company's Documentation System.

5.2 Distribution

The system of documentation control shall ensure that essential documents of all levels are available at all required locations.

A project distribution list shall be established and regularly updated to ensure proper distribution by the Project Clerk/Secretary of all project documents (ref.10.8.5).

A Company Documentation System distribution list shall be maintained to ensure proper distribution by the Manager of Quality Assurance of all Company Documentation System documents (see section 2).

6. Document Changes

All changes to documents shall be clearly identified. Records shall be maintained of changes as they are made (e.g. master/comment prints). Documents shall be revised and re-issued after a practical number of changes have been noted.

Change control to formal documents shall be handled in accordance with the procedures (ref.10.8.12).

Standard methods shall be defined for adding and identifying revisions that shall be approved by the same authority that approved the original document.

Requests for changes to "client-controlled documents" shall be prepared and submitted as prescribed by the client.

7 Maintenance Company's Documentation System

The Manager of Quality Assurance shall review the QA Manual with other departments to re-affirm its adequacy and conformi­ty to current requirements of Company.

It shall be the responsibility of all controlled QA Manual holders to update the QA Manual and Company's documentation system assigned to them.

All QA Manual holders leaving Company are obliged to return their controlled copy of the QA Manual to the Quality Assurance Manager.

Uncontrolled copies of the QA Manual may be issued. These will not be subjected to the revision service and shall not be used within Company.



Document Number



8.1 CM-MA-100

Preparation of Company Quality System Documents


8.2 CM-MA-103

Maintaining Codes, Standards, Norms, Rules and Regulations (CSNRR)


8.3 CM-MA-119

Document Control


8.4 CM-PE-100

Preparation of Project-Adapted Procedures


8.5 CM-PE-303

Project Procedure and Execution Manual


8.6 CM-PE-400

Production of Process Engineering Documents


8.7 CM-PE-504

Production of Engineering Documents


8.8 CM-PE-920

Application of the Project Execution (PEC) System


8.9 BN-G-Y007

Engineering Document Control


8.10 BN-W-U001

Preparation of Company Procedures


8.11 BN-W-U003

Preparation/Control of Formal Documents


8.12 BN-W-U012

Document Issue Code and Change Identification


8.13 BN-W-UE301

Numbering of Project Documents


8.14 BN-W-UL001

Numbering of Quality System Documents