Table of Contents

1. Definition of Terms

Mechanical completion when referring to the plant, unit, or facility means that contractor has:

  • Provided erection in accordance with drawings, specifications, vendor instructions, applicable codes and regulations and authority requirements.
  • Completed all inspection, checking and testing work as listed in the checklist for mechanical completion, applicable to the specific project.

It is recognized that painting, paving, insulation, final clean up and removal of temporary facilities must be completed by contractor before plant completion is achieved. However, at the time of mechanical completion of a unit, a system or an area, this work need not be totally complete, but should be in a sufficiently advanced state of completion as not to interfere with subsequent activities.

The exceptions as stated above should be included in the punchlist attached to the certificate of mechanical completion.

1.1 “Pre-commissioning”

is defined as pre-start up check out, system adjustment, equipment and system activation, required to allow owner to prepare the facility for operation.


1.2 “Plant completion”

means that contractor has provided erection in accordance with drawings and specifications and other items referred to in the definition of mechanical completion, plus pre-commissioning if, applicable to the specific project, plus final clean up, completion of painting and insulation work or other items not completed when mechanical completion was reached. When plant completion is reached and accepted as such by owner, contractor is deemed to have fulfilled all his obligations under the construction part of the contract.

1.3 Operation is defined as Client’s work to bring the plant, unit or facility in production.

This includes:

  • Running of equipment, motors, instrumentation etc.
  • Introducing into the plant of process liquids and gasses.

By agreement between contractor and owner, contractor can provide technical personnel and specialized subcontract services as required to assist owner in pre-commissioning and/or start up of the plant but it should be recognized that operation is owners responsibility.


2. Checklist for Plant Completion

2.1 Check List for Mechanical Completion

(Ref. 3.1)

Identifies the division of responsibility between contractor and the owner of activities required for mechanical completion.

2.2 Check List for Mechanical Completion Including Pre-commissioning Activities

(Ref. 3.2)

Is a further development of the Checklist for Mechanical Completion (ref. 3.1) to define added work to be done by contractor when necessary. The items that have become contractor’s obligation for pre-commissioning have been indicated by a double X (XX).

2.3 Check List for Preparation for Start-up

(Ref. 3.3)

Outlines operations to be carried out by owner and by contractor related to preparation for start up.


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