The general standards provide examples, templates and basic information for preparing general project execution documents These standards are usually not part of the auditable section of the QA system. The focus of the guides is primarily related to project execution because the procedures are written from the perspective of an Engineering Contractor.

The below listing gives an indication of the available procedures. Use Library Menu navigation bar at the left to view the public procedures on this website or use this link to go directly to the QA system documents >

Number Title
BN-S-UC001 Standard Checklist for Plant Completion
BN-S-UC001A Mechanical Completion, Checklist for
BN-S-UC001B Mechanical Completion Including Pre-Commissioning Activities, Checklist for
BN-S-UC001C Preparation for Start-up, Checklist for
BN-S-UC002 Safety, Health, Welfare and Environmental Policy, Safety Rules and Site Regulations
BN-S-UC003 Standard (Template) Construction Phase Safety Health Welfare and Environment Plan (SHWE Plan)
BN-S-UK001 Project Procedure and Execution Manual (Standard)_
BN-S-UK001/13 Project Quality Plan
BN-S-UK001/7 Project Organization Charts
BN-S-UK001/8 Project Function Descriptions
BN-S-UK001/9 Audit Schedule
BN-S-UK003 Review of Documents In Design Reviews, Checklist for
BN-S-UK004 Design Review Technical Disciplines, Checklist
BN-S-UK009 Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) Questionnaires
BN-S-UK010 Project Procedure and Execution Manual for the ....... Project (Reduced Sized PPEM)
BN-S-UK011 Project Home Office Safety, Health, Welfare and Environmental Plan
BN-S-UP101 General Conditions of Subcontract for Professional and Engineering Services
BN-S-UP102 General Conditions for Construction Work for Supply and Erect Orders
BN-S-UP103 General Terms and Conditions of Subcontract
BN-S-UP105 Subcontractor Questionnaire