Table of Contents

  1. Purpose
  2. General
  3. Responsibilities
  4. Procedure
  5. Flowchart
  6. References
  7. Attachments


1. Purpose

This procedure describes the format, preparation and administration of all project specific procedures.

For the preparation of the Project Procedure and Execution Manual see reference 6.4

2. General

A procedure is a description of a specific activity or series of activities. It lays down the general course of events stating who is responsible for doing what, when, how and with what tools. The tools are the necessary equipment, guides and standards to be followed/ used.

This procedure shall apply to all documents that identify the activities and functions of departments or task-force groups during a project and shall be observed by all Company departments and task-force groups without exception.

In principle, the production of a new project procedure shall be avoided if a standard procedure exists that satisfactorily covers the subject and the project requirements.

3. Responsibilities

The manager of QA is responsible to assist the project manager in ascertaining the status of standard procedures that could be used.

The project manager or his delegate shall administer all project specific procedures. This administration shall include the filing of originals, the retention of records of approvals, signatories, distribution and revisions.

The project manager shall initiate the preparation of project specific procedures and shall assign Authors to these activities.

He shall review project procedures, verify that the procedures fully meet the contractual requirements and assure the implementation by the responsible engineers.

Authors shall review the standard procedures and write project specific procedures in accordance with the requirements of this procedure, including the coordination of checking and approval activities.

The department manager or his delegate, ultimately responsible for the activity/activities, shall approve the procedure.

4. Procedure

4.1 Authorization to Proceed

Anybody may identify the possible necessity for a project specific procedure to satisfy the project requirements.

The project manager or his delegate shall be responsible for the authorization to proceed with the development of such a project procedure.

Once the authorization has been obtained, an author shall be assigned. The author shall obtain a definitive document number for the new project procedure from the project manager or his delegate (ref. 6.2). This number shall be unique.

4.2 Project Procedures

4.2.1 General

Once the requirement of a project-specific procedure has been agreed, the procedure format, content, index and presentation shall follow the rules as laid down in ref. 6.1.


The first issue of the document shall be Issue 1, "For comments" and be initialed by the author under "BY", by the responsible checker, after checking, under "CH'K'D" and by the project manager under "APP'D". The procedure shall be issued by the project manager to all affected persons and department/group managers for comments.

Comments are to be submitted to the author.

If recipients do not submit comments within a stated period, then their agreement with the document as presented will be assumed. The minimum allowed period for such comments to be submitted shall be one working day per sheet (i.e. 20 sheets in 20 days) with an absolute minimum of 14 days, unless otherwise directed by the project manager.

The author shall expedite the comments and review them.

Once comments have been agreed by the author, the project manager, the responsible Specialists and the department manager, the document shall be revised.

4.2.3 Checking and approval

The front sheet shall be updated as Issue 2, with its issue description (e.g. certified) and dated. The initials for issue 1 shall be preprinted to maintain all existing initials.

Initials for Issue 2 shall be as follows:

BY” author
CH’K’D” project manager
APP’D” department manager

The client may now be invited, if required, to co-sign the front sheet as “APP’D”.

The certified issue description on the front sheet shall be deemed to cover the complete procedure and (if appropriate) its attachments. Subsequent revisions shall be considered "Certified" if initialed as "Approved".

4.2.4 Revision

Requests for revisions to project procedures shall be submitted to the project manager, for review with applicable parties, and confirmation for action if agreed.

Revisions to project procedures shall be identified as described in ref. 6.3.

Signatures for revised issues shall be as described in 4.2.3.

4.2.5 Document Control

The original project procedure, its attachments and all comment prints shall be passed to the project manager once the project procedure is ready for issue.

The project manager shall establish and maintain files for the project procedures containing:

  • project procedure original;
  • records of department manager's comments, agreement or approval, that will be kept to the end of the project;
  • distribution list.

The project manager shall ensure that the project document control index is updated and distributed as necessary.

4.2.6 Distribution

Certified project procedures and subsequent revisions shall be distributed by the project manager (or designate), in accordance with the PPEM distribution list. All project specific procedures shall be distributed as attachments to the PPEM, while maintaining their unique document number. The list of attachments shall show the cross reference between attachment and document number.

The distribution shall include the manager of Quality Assurance and applicable department/ discipline managers. They shall evaluate the document for the possible use in updating Company’s standard procedures and/or for use on similar, future projects.

Procedures and their revisions shall be issued accompanied by a copy of a transmittal memo. For an example of such a memo, see attachment 1.

Recipients of project procedures are responsible for the disposal of superseded documents in their possession.

5. Flowchart

6. References

  Doc. number Title Level
6.1 CM-MA-100 Procedure for the Preparation of Quality System Documents 2
6.2 BN-W-UE301 The Numbering of Project Documents 4
6.3 BN-W-U012 Document Issue Code and Change Identification 4
6.4 CM-PE-303 Project Procedure and Execution Manual 2

7. Attachments

  1. Transmittal Memorandum (Example).

Transmittal Memorandum (Example)

Memorandum:   Date:
See Distribution  
Project Procedures  

Attached is a copy of the above noted document issued as

Issue Code: ________________ Issue description : ________________

o Please submit your comments to : ________________ MS ________________

by: ____________________________________

Where recipients do not comment within this period then their agreement with the document as presented will be assumed.

o This copy is issued to you under controlled conditions. You will be automatically issued with updates and/or amendments as and when they are made available.

o Please destroy (or clearly mark as "superseded") any and all documents in your possession which are superseded by this issue.

Project Manager