1. Dimensions in mm

2. Coordinates and elevations in m.

3 Coordinates refer to the plant grid system.

4. Elevations refer to plant datum 0.000 which is equal to 3.200 +N.A.P.

5. Setting out dimenstions for raked piles are given at cut-off elevation.


A Pile 380 diameter working load 600 kN
AX Pile 290 diameter, working load 300 kN
  Raked piles
CPT Dutch cone penetration test
BH Bore Hole



Specification for the installation of precast

Reinforced concret piles BN0000-SO-JL1
Pile Details BN0000-00402A

Layout of bore holes and dutch cone

Penetration tests BN0000-00401A
Overall Plotplan BN0000-00101A
Unit plotplan BN0000-00201A


1. Usual scale 1:1000

2. North direction, matchlines and battery limits shall, if possible, be the same as those on the plotplan.

3. Locating dimensions shall, if practical, be the same a those used on the plotplan

4. Pile numbering system to be chosen such that all pile numbers are unique for the whole job.

5. Pile numbers which have been used once on an issued drawing, and are cancelled, shall not be re-used


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