1.1. Dimensisons in mm
Coordinates in m.
Elevations in mm

1.2 Plantlevel 0.00 (H.P. of Paving) is Equal To .....
coordinates refer to: ...

1.3 General
Unless noted otherwise on the drawings the following rules are applicable:
Anchorbolts shall straddle main axes and shall be equally spaced
Projection anchorbolts is given from top of concrete.
Projection of electrical conduits shall be 100mm
Diameter of bends in conduits shall be as follows
Diameter 1"= 500mm, Diameter 2"= 500mm, Diameter 3"=600mm.

1.4 Octagonal foundations are regular octagons

1.5 All anchorbolts are in accordance with Company standard of anchorbolts BN_ES_J1 and based upon concrete quality

1.6 All given concret dimensions of pedestals or concrete supports are minimum dimensions.

1.7 For location of manholes, catch basins, cable trenches and routing of conduits see underground piping layout.

1.8 Abbreviations

A.B. Anchorbolt
APPROX Approximate
B.C.D. Bolt Circle Diameter
BLDG Building
C.B. Catch Basin
CL Centerline C. Center to Center
Disch. Discharge
DWG. Drawing
EL. Elevation
FND. Foundation
DIA. Diameter
H.P. High Point
L.P. Low Point
M.H. Manhole
N.T.S. Not to Scale
O.D, Outside Diameter
Proj. Projection
R.C. Reinforced Concrete
T.O.G. Top of Grout
Typ. Typical
HOLD Not Yet Known
SH.F. Shear Force
Min.SH.D. Minimum Shut Down

Drafting Instructions

2.1. Usual scale 1:50

2.2 No paving to be shown on this DWG

2.3 For complete paving plans separate DWG. to be prepared

2.4 For simple plans paving details to be shown on underground piping DWG.'s

2.5 Unless the area involved is small and not too complicated, details of conduits. Drains etc. and sections over foundations to be shown on separate sheets.

2.6 Locating dimensions shall be the same as those as shown on the plot plan.

2.7 Refer as much as possible to vendor DWG.'s as far as package units are concerned, such as compressors, cooling towers, etc.

Construction notes

3.1 Before pouring concret the electrical grounding of piles shall be installed as per DWG. BN...


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