The work instructions are the lowest level documents that can be part of a QA system. They provide detail instruction how to perform the applicable tasks as indication in the ISO 9000 standard. The focus of the work instructions is primarily related to project execution because the procedures are written from the perspective of an Engineering Contractor.

The below listing gives an indication of the available procedures. Use Library Menu navigation bar at the left to view the public procedures on this website or use this link to go directly to the QA system documents >

Number Title
BN-W-U001 Preparation of Procedures and Work Instructions
BN-W-U003 Preparation/Control of Formal Documents
BN-W-U004N ARBO Beleidsplan
BN-W-U005N Bedrijfshulpverlenings-Programma
BN-W-U006 ICT User Guidelines
BN-W-U011 Processing of Comments and Required Actions
BN-W-U012 Document Issue Code and Change Identification
BN-W-UD301 Preparing Manual Technical Drawings
BN-W-UE101 Maintaining a CSNRR Reference List by the Authority Engineer
BN-W-UE102 Maintaining a Legislative Reference List by the Authority Engineer
BN-W-UE103 Document Control /Standardization of Environmental Deliverables
BN-W-UE201 Compliance with Local Applicable Laws and Regulations
BN-W-UE301 Numbering of Project Documents
BN-W-UE303 Tie-In Schedules
BN-W-UE304 Development of Detailed Design Model (Hardware)
BN-W-UE307 Change Control of Engineering Flow Diagrams
BN-W-UE308 Cable Installation and Cable Sizing
BN-W-UK003 Work Instruction Project History Report
BN-W-UL001 Numbering of Quality System Documents
BN-W-US002 Password Control
BN-W-US003 Conventions of Creating Unix & Novel User Accounts
BN-W-US004 Naming Conventions for Printers
BN-W-US007 Business Administration Procedures
BN-W-US008 Handling Standard Forms on Network for Projects
BN-W-UX001N Bedrijfshulpverlening (BHV) Instructies/Handleiding voor het Hoofd Bedrijfshulpverlening
BN-W-UX002N Bedrijfshulpverlining/Bedrijfshulpverlener
BN-W-UX004E Enterprise Assistance Service Security
BN-W-UX004N Bedrijfshulpverlening Ordedienst
BN-W-UX005N Bedrijfshulpverlening Receptionisten
BN-W-UX006N Bedrijfshulpverlening Telefonisten
BN-W-UX007N Bedrijfshulpverlening Bedrijfsrestaurant
BN-W-UX008E Enterprise Assistance Service General Instructions and Information
BN-W-UX008N Bedrijfshulpverlening Algemene Instructies en Aanwijzingen
BN-W-UX009N Bedrijfshulpverlening Vluchtplannen
BN-W-UX010N Bediening Brandmeldcentrale
BN-W-UX011N Volksgezondheid/Veiligheid