Specifications are documents that describe the general requirements for a type of service or the type of equipment. The (general) specification provides the overall basis for a minimum quality and safety of the scope of work. The details for a service or equipment is part of the requisition.

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Number Title
BN-SP-B1 Building Specification (Standard)
BN-SP-B5 General Building Design Specification
BN-SP-C04 Design Pipe Supports
BN-SP-C51G Spezifikation Fur Anwendung Der Druckbehalterveordnung (Dvo)auf Rohrleitungen Uberwachungspflichtig Nach Druckbehvab 01-05-1989
BN-SP-C55 Pulsation and Mechanical Response Studies for Reciprocating Compressors
BN-SP-DS1 Structural Steel Specification, Standard
BN-SP-EF01 Industrial Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures For Use In Potentially Explosive Atmospheres
BN-SP-EF02 Industrial Incandescent Lighting Fixtures
BN-SP-EF03 Industrial High Pressure Mercury Vapor Floodlights and Ballasts
BN-SP-EK01 Low Voltage Underground and Aboveground Cables (Pvc and rubber Insulated)
BN-SP-EM01 Static Uninterruptible Power Supply System (Ups)
BN-SP-EM04 Squirrel Cage Induction Motor With Control Panel for Stepless Speed Control Variable Speed Driver Control
BN-SP-ES01 Standard Metal Enclosed Medium Voltage Draw-Out Switchgear
BN-SP-ES03 Standard Low Voltage Switchboards and Mcc's of the Draw-Out Type
BN-SP-ES04 Low-Voltage Switchgear Nondraw-Out, Unit or Cubicle Type
BN-SP-ES05 Power Factor Correction Capacitor Equipment Hv and Lv Type Not Monted In Switchgear
BN-SP-ES06 Inspection Metal Enclosed High Voltage Draw-Out Switch Gear
BN-SP-ES07 Inspection Procedure Lv Draw-Out Switchgear
BN-SP-EY01 Remote Control Units and Safety Switches
BN-SP-EY05 Streetlighting and Floodlighting Poles of Metal Construction for Areas With Explosion Danger and Safe Areas
BN-SP-EY08 Turbine Driven Generators 3 Phase, Synchronous Type
BN-SP-EY09 Backpressure/condensing Exhaust to Atmosphere Steamturbine Driven No-Break Generator
BN-SP-EZ02 Electrical Materials, Equipment and Installations Forming Part of a Package Unit
BN-SP-F1 Determination of Fireproofing Requirements
BN-SP-F2 Lightweight Fireproofing on supporting Structures for Equipment and Piping
BN-SP-F3 Fireproofing Compounds for Cable Trays, Conduits, Structural Steel Members and Equipment Supports
BN-SP-FA1 Brickwork Fireproofing of Vessel Skirts
BN-SP-FA2 Gunite Fireproofing of Vessel Skirts
BN-SP-J1 Civil Design Specification
BN-SP-J2 Civil Construction Work
BN-SP-JL1 Pre-Cast Reinforced Concrete Piles, Installation of
BN-SP-JL2 Driven Cast-in-Situ Reinforced Concrete Piles, Manufacture of
BN-SP-JL3 Pre-Cast Reinforced Concrete Piles, Manufacture of
BN-SP-JL4 Non-Driven Cast-In Situ Reinforced Concrete Piles, Manufacture of
BN-SP-K1 Engineering and Design Instrumentation
BN-SP-K10 General Instrument Testing, Calibration and Acceptance
BN-SP-K2 Engineering Design the Accessibility Of instruments and Instrument Connection
BN-SP-K3 Engineering Design the Limitation of Control Valve Noise
BN-SP-K4 General Instrument Panels and Auxiliary Systems
BN-SP-K5 Functional a Signal Processing System
BN-SP-K7 General Specification for Instrument Requirements on Packaged Units
BN-SP-K8 General Specification for the Installation of Instrumentation
BN-SP-K9 General Specification for the Fabrication of Orifice Meter Runs
BN-SP-N1 Thermal Insulation Hot Service Mineral-Wool
BN-SP-N2 Thermal Insulation Cold Service
BN-SP-N3 Monolithic Lining Concrete Type, In Non-Fired Process Equipment
BN-SP-N4 Refractories In Direct Fired Process Equipment and Boilers
BN-SP-N6 Thermal Insulation Hot Service Calcium Silicate
BN-SP-Q1 Installation of Sewers and Underground Piping
BN-SP-R1 Shop Priming, Shop Painting and Field Painting
BN-SP-R2 Internal Coatings
BN-SP-S1 Site Preparation Work
BN-SP-SF1 Fencing
BN-SP-SP1 Roads
BN-SP-ST1 Control of Tank Settlement During Preload and Water Test, Specification for
BN-SP-ST2 Control of Tank Settlement During Water Test, Specification for
BN-SP-UE301 Positive Material Identification (PMI)
BN-SP-UK001 Site QA/QC Requirements for Subcontractors
BN-SP-UP501 Packing and Marking of Material and Equipment
BN-SP-UP502 Packing, Marking and Shipping (Overland)
BN-SP-UP503 Transportation Plan ...
BN-SP-UP504 Shipping (Overseas)