Project piping design is based on many calculations. Project pipe classes are designed based on the relevant calculation codes. The B03 software uses the ASME B31.3 for the internal and external pressure calculation of pipe and fittings. The difference with PCC ASME B31.3 calculations is that the output includes the information about intermediate results and the flow of calculation.

The B03 application can be used to study the code calculations for different design conditions, materials of construction and component dimensions. The tool is used for engineering training as conducted at InIPED, the International Institute of Plant Engineering and Design.

The application has in addition to regular calculation reports an unconventional output: it can show a detail report how every formula is passed and what the input/output is. This is very useful when for example an iteration is done to get a solution. The validation of each calculation is a separate report with a summary and the detail in- and output.

The dimensions entered are shown in a dimensional sketch to scale. The sketch can be exported to DXF format for further use in a CAD application. The sketch has a tool to measure dimensions when the engineering is working on the calculations.

The B03 application is made for Notified Bodies, Authority Approval Companies, for code calculation development, researchers and those engineers who are interested in the minute details of the calculations.