Table of Contents

  1. General
  2. Filling
  3. Final Disposition
  4. References
  5. Attachments


Documents are to be kept to demonstrate the quality activities executed and to satisfy the stipulations of technical regulations, contracts and/or internal guidelines. These shall be stored in such a manner that:

  • they are legible, identifiable and retrievable
  • the documents and records are secure from damage
  • rapid access is guaranteed
  • the required storage period is observed.

Quality Records

Permanent Records, are the completed, checked, certified and issued documents.

Temporary Records are those produced/reproduced during the develop­ment of the final (permanent) documents, such as:

  • master prints
  • check prints
  • inter-discipline check prints
  • multidiscipline review prints.

Records that may be required to be submitted to a certifying authority or regulatory body for review and approval shall be determined by liaising with the client and/or regulatory body.

2. Filing

2.1 Company Quality Records

Company quality records, not related to projects, shall be maintained by the departments as shown in attachment 1.

2.2 Project Quality Records

Project quality records shall be maintained by the groups as shown in attachment 2.

All project documents shall be maintained, on a continuous basis, in the project filing system (ref.4.1).

The documentation of the project filing system concerns not only drawings and specifications, but also all other formal documentation issued, internally as well as externally, for the project, including all correspondence.

The project filing system shall be established and maintained for the:

  • Project central files
  • Procurement files
  • Construction files.

All specialist engineers shall ensure that all necessary documents are copied to the Project Group, so as to enable the central project filing system to be kept up-to-date. No element of the centralized system shall be superseded by individual discipline filing systems.

3. Final Disposition

3.1 By Supplier

As per purchase order, the supplier has to submit the final approved supplier furnished documentation. If required by the inspection code or specification, the manufacturing data book shall be compiled, at the completion of the purchase order (PO), by the manufacturer.

If included in the requirements of the project, supplier data books shall be compiled by the supplier.

3.2 By Company

Disposition of Company’s (non-project) records shall be in accordance with attachment 1.

At the completion of a project or at post-mortem of a proposal, the Project Manager or his designate shall coordinate the project close-out.

A design book shall be compiled for the client if this is required by contract.

A design book provides the design basis of a plant or unit without mechanical details but inclusive operating aspects.

A mechanical catalog shall be compiled for the client if this is required by contract.

A mechanical catalog provides mechanical details of a plant or unit, such as full sets of specifications and requisitions, design draw­ings and all major supplier prints. Operating aspects are not covered.

To present salient facts and information a specific project shall prepare:

  • Project History Report
  • Final Project Cost Report
  • Final Construction Report

The objectives of these reports are to:

  • provide information to allow more accurate manpower estimating and scheduling
  • improve project activities/Company standard procedures
  • improve future plant designs
  • provide background on a particular client
  • provide background on a particular country/location
  • highlight non-typical, unusual and unexpected costs

By final disposition of all project documents, all documents shall be correctly identified, consolidated, microfilmed, archived, destroyed, transferred or returned to the client (ref.4.2), as per attachment 2.

In agreement with the client, Company shall define the precise contents of the documents to be "handed over", at the end of the project. Such documents shall include all those listed as deliverables.

4. References

  Document number Title Level
4.1 CM-PE-110 Project File Coding and Maintenance 2
4.2 CM-PE-111 Final Disposition of Project Documentation 2
4.3 CM-PE-116 Archiving 2

5. Attachments

1. Company Quality Records
2. Project Quality Records

Company Quality Records QA Proposals/projects Human Resources Procurement All Archive
QA Manual R3**       RL  
Level 2 Procedures R3**       RL  
Level 3 Procedures R3**       RL  
Level 4 Work Instructions R3**       RL  
Level 5 Guides & Standards R3**       RL  
Company Administrative Organization Chart   M     RL  
Departmental Organization Chart   M     RL  
Function Descriptions     M      
Yearly Evaluation     C   R5*  
Training/Qualification     R5*      
Résumés     R   M  
Proposal/Contract Documents   R10        
Audit Report R10          
Supplier/Subcontractor (Capability) Assessment Reports C     R5    
Supplier/Subcontractor Performance Evaluation Reports C     R5    
Supplier List       M    
Subcontractor List       M    
Review Quality Manual Reports R5          
Microfilms           R

R = Retain on file on departement
L = Last copy only
5 = Retained for 5 years
* = Retained for full term of employment, plus 5 years
M = Maintained (updating)
C = Copy
** = Also including previous/superseded issues


Company Quality Records Project Manager/File Specialist Engineer Manager QA Procurement Coordinator Project Construction Manager Project Control Manager
Project Procedures (Manual) R3**       RL  
Quality Plan/Audit Plan R3**       RL  
Project Organization Chart R3**       RL  
Project Function Descriptions R3**       RL  
Contract R3**       RL  
Proposal   M     RL  
Progress/Planning   M     RL  
Changes/Deviations     M      
Correspondence     C   R5*  
Calculations/Drawings     R5*      
Other Documents/Reports     R   M  
Non-Acceptance Notice   R10        
Purchase Order/Requisitions R10          
Bids C     R5    
Project Supplier List C     R5    
Supplier Documents       M    
Subcontractor Documents       M    
Bid Tabulations R5          
Nonconformance Reports           R
Over, Short and Damage Reports           R
Audit Reports           R
Inspection Reports           R
Design Books           R
Compilation/Commissioning Manuals           R
Close-out Reports           R


M = Maintain
R = Retain
C = Copy