Table of Contents

1. General

All data, documents and materials supplied to Company by its client(s), for the purposes of executing work, shall be considered as "purchaser supplied product" and handled as described in this section.

All data, documents and materials supplied by Company to a supplier or subcontractor shall be treated by those organizations as purchaser supplied product, that Company expects to be handled in a similar manner as described in this section.

2. Data and Documents

Unless otherwise specifically specified in the contract, the client is responsible for providing Company with accurate data, complete and suitable documents all as included in his scope of supply.

Company is responsible for the evaluation of data and documents received so as to highlight missing, conflicting or incomplete, or obviously inaccurate information and/or documentation.

Company shall register, control and keep secure from loss and/or deterioration all client supplied data and documents.

Upon completion of the work, the client supplied data and documents shall be disposed of in accordance with the project requirements.

3. Materials

All materials and equipment supplied by the client to Company for use on a project (i.e. free issue) shall be inspected on receipt for damage, completeness and satisfaction of contract requirements (see also section 20). They shall be stored and handled in accordance with instructions referred to in the appropriate procedure and/or manufacturer's instructions.

Special care shall be taken, on receipt of all items, to ensure that documentation received is correct and that all deficiencies and defects are reported immediately to the client for verification and action.

Functional or non-destructive testing shall be conducted on receipt or prior to issue, as required by the contract and/or authorized instructions.

A storage area shall be maintained for all items with records maintained for proper accountability in accordance with contract requirements.

Periodic inspection and necessary handling/maintenance shall be conducted during the storage period to confirm and maintain the condition and adequacy of storage. Items shall be re-inspected for damage during preparation for use. Investigations shall be carried out, if required, to determine the cause of any damage or malfunction. The client shall be advised of all cases where items are found unsuitable for use.

Any surplus of these materials shall be controlled until agreement with the client has been reached for their disposition.