The dimensions standard EN 10253-2 (and also EN 10253-4) have further detailed the calculations of EN 13480-3. The EN 10253-2 calculations are based on the EN 13480-3 but tailored to the EN 10253-2 fittings.The fitting types are elbow, tee, reducer and cap. The calculations are now part of our E80 application.

The EN 10253-2/4 have calculated pressure factors X which indicate the strength of the fitting compared to the pipe with the same material and (connecting) wall thickness. The EN 13480 has the base calculations for most common piping components, but is sometimes open for interpretation. The EN 10253 calculations are only applicable for the type A and B fittings of the EN 10253 standards. The type fittings have a pressure factor X f 100% and are the same strength as the connecting pipe with the same wall thickness.

Figure: E80 - example eccentric reducer from EN 10253-2 type B

The above image shows an example of the E80 application with dimension editing for reducers. The image at the right is to scale and can be exported to DXF format. This image gives the engineer direct feedback on the selected dimensions. This feedback is very useful for heavy wall fittings connecting the to less thick pipe.

The E80 application has both the EN 13480-3 and the EN 10253-2 type A and type B calculations. The calculations can be viewed in summary and on per formula basis. The per formula view shows the formula and the used values for quick validation.

Figure: E80 - detail calculation view

The formula with the values can be copied and used in a spreadsheet application to validate the result. Do not hesitate to contact us for a short demonstration.