After 2.5 years development we are happy to announce that PCC 3.0 is released. The next few weeks all our customers will receive the new version of PCC.

The new PCC release includes many new features:

Added new calculation codes:

  • ASME B31.1
  • ASME B31.8
  • EN 3650
  • EN 1594

Update calculation method:

  • The critical pressure temperature combination is now calculated based on the actual detail component calculations. The calculation routines have been improved for efficiency to accommodate the vast amount of calculations done.
  • The K factor is implemented correctly for the ASME B31.3 code. The available area needed to be corrected with this factor.
  • The wallthickness for the Tees is now calculated on the non-tapered part of the Tee. The possible straight part of the tapered section will be calculated during the calculation of the connecting pipes.
  • The wallthickness of the weldolet was checked at the thickness at reinforcement limit level. This not done anymore since this calculation is not valid, the wall at the limit is usually straight at the inside and conical at the outside. A standard pipe wallthickness is not applicable here.

Added unit of measurement switch:

  • For ASME calculation codes the US Customary units can be used

Added component:

  • custom stubons
  • miter bends

Added detail edit possibility for component:

  • detail edit cap

Redesign of component selection dialog:

  • stubon selection
  • valve selection

Database update:

  • Various materials
  • Various component dimension standards
  • Database SQL Server CE

User interface update:

  • Buttons on toolbar for each component list
  • Switch to use ASME material properties for EN code calculations, if allowed by Notified Body

Report update:

  • Summary sheet restyled
  • Added reducing- and branching connection sheet to Summary
  • Component detail report restyled

Software architecture update:

  • Completely rewritten in Microsoft .NET
  • Calculation codes
  • Component types
  • Database and file types
  • Import and export facilities
  • Communication with other software

Structure redesign for more flexible implementation of:

  • New generator of reports and export of spreadsheets

Help manual update:

  • Added description per calculation, with input variables, output and warnings

The complete redesign of the software was necessary to follow the current development in the IT world. The software is now completely written with Visual Studio .NET and is compatible with all new versions of Windows including Windows 7 and 64 bit architectures.

PCC shares many functions with our VES application. With that in mind we had to consider all current and future requirements of VES in the software development of PCC. Luckely we will be able to use many software libraries made for VES. Software as a service (SaaS) is now a possibility Red-Bag will explore for near future applications.

Visit our PCC product page and the Help manual for further information on our new PCC (Pipe Class Component) application.