Table of Contents

  1. Purpose
  2. General
  3. Responsibilities
  4. Procedure
  5. Flowchart
  6. References

1. Purpose

This procedure describes the system for the maintenance of all project documents including procurement and construction documents kept in the Home Office and for the coding of the files.

For field construction files refer to 6.3.

This procedure is mandatory for all projects unless otherwise specifically directed by the Project Manager, however, in principle the main coding and the sequential arrangement of the various sections and sub-sections shall be left unchanged.

2. General

Proposals and non-EPC projects will not require the complete project breakdown in detail that a full EPC project would. It would be advisable, however, to set up all the basic numbers regardless of the size or complexity of the work.

The project file includes all documents generated for the project which shall be retained on file till final disposition at project close-out.

It is essential that files are kept up-to-date on a daily basis.

Documents generated for a project are to be divided into:

Permanent documents being the completed, checked, certified and latest issue of a document.

History documents:

- all previous issues of a document;
- temporary documents are those produced/reproduced during the development of the final (permanent) documents, such as;

  • routing slips
  • comments
  • master prints
  • check prints
  • inter-discipline check prints
  • multi-discipline review prints.

A standard file code provides uniformity and accessibility, thereby facilitating easy retrieval of project documents as well as orderly close-out.

Personnel assigned by the Project Manager to set-up the project files are further referred to in this procedure as "Assignees".

3. Responsibilities

The Project Managers responsibilities include:

  • to initiate the procedure to set-up a project file;
  • assign personnel and facilities;

The Assignees responsibilities include:

  • set-up the project files;
  • coding, maintenance and control of the appropriate documents contained in the project file;
  • the logging of all project related documents.

All members of the project team shall ensure that the original of any document received is passed to the assignee for logging, distribution and filing.

4. Procedure

The Project Manager shall review the standard topics of the project filing system (as listed in Attachment 1) and taking also in conside­ration the final disposition requirements for project documents (ref. 6.2) to adapt them to suit the project scope.

The Project Manager shall assign personnel for the set-up and maintenance of a project file and supply them with the necessary facilities.

Typical Assignees for a standard project may be:

File Assignee Att. Project File Number
Project File Project Secretary 1 1, 2, 3, 5.3, 16, 17, 18, 19.
Project File Project Clerk 1 4 thru 15 (except 5.3), 20.
Procurement File Project Procurement Coordinator 2  
Field Office File Project Construction Manager 3  


During the progress of the work the drawings, specifications, and requisitions shall be registered (by PEC) maintained and controlled in the project file.

Calculations shall be retained in the file of the discipline responsible for their preparation.

On large projects a Project Secretary and a Project Clerk would be required. Responsibilities in this case shall be shared in accordance with this procedure. Alternatively, it may be preferred to have a Project Secretary or a Project Clerk handle all of the documentation for a project.

History documents (obsolete master copies and evidence of multi-discipline reviews) shall be main­tained in the project files as evidence of the quality control activities that have taken place and for project history record purpose. These records shall be maintained until project completion and close-out of project files.

Previous issues of a document are to be filed with the originating discipline.

On projects with multiple job numbers it may be convenient to set up certain sections of the file with separate job numbers. The Project Manager shall ensure that Attachment 1 and 2 of this procedure, adapted to suit the project requirements, are made available to the Assignees.

The project file shall be labeled, using the standard code numbers listed in Attachment 1.

Numbering of correspondence and transmittals (to and from), minutes of meeting, etc. shall be as indicated in the Project Procedure Manual. (References 6.1)

Prior to being filed by the assignee every document must have a unique number. If not the file code must be indicated in the right top corner of the front page.

Where it is not obvious in which file a certain document has to be filed, the Project Manager or his representative must be asked for advice.

All correspondence and minutes of meetings shall be recorded on log sheets by the Assignee. All log sheets shall be kept in one or more binders filed in the sequence of the file number and the log sheets for the various file numbers separated by tab cards. The blocks at the bottom of the log sheets shall be completely filled in on each log sheet. See reference 6.4 thru 6.10 for standard log sheets.

In filing correspondence with attachments belonging to other files, e.g. a letter to the Client with, as an attachment, the progress report, these shall be filed separately.

Documents which are cumbersome in suspension files are to be filed in ring binders or similar file form.

All filed documents shall be properly legible.

The Project correspondence file shall be at least as complete as files held by individual specialists except where specifically directed by the Project Manager.

In principle documents from the project file shall not be removed from the filing area. However when this is unavoidable, records (e.g. out-cards) shall be kept of the documents location, to ensure retrievability.

File numbers 1.3. through 1.9 are always considered confidential and are therefore to be kept secure (e.g. in a locked cabinet).

Where the contract requires, documents which are to be handled as confidential information, are to be identified. These documents shall be marked, filed and controlled as such.

Client's documents (ref. Attachment 1, point 8.2) received, are to be logged and allocated a DR (Document Received) number.

The responsible Systems Engineer keeps one "working copy" (master) of Flow Diagrams and line designation tables (ref. Attachment 1, point 9.3/9.4/9.5) on a stick file.


6. References

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