Table of Contents

  1. Purpose
  2. General
  3. Responsibilities
  4. Procedure
  5. Flowchart
  6. References
  7. Attachments

1. Purpose

1.1 To assure control of transportation costs consistent with delivery requirements and to provide control over all household goods and personal effects shipment of Company personnel that will be placed on assignment for various projects in South Africa.

1.2 All household goods and personal effects shipment shall be processed in accordance with this policy.

2. General

2.1 This procedure will be applicable to all current South African projects.

2.2 Employees' relocation allowances for the shipping of household goods and personal efects will be as follows:

125 KG net for single status
275 KG net total for employee and his wife
150 KG net for each accompanying child

Ocean Freight

Employees may choose to spend an equivalent amount of money for ocean freight.

Details are obtainable from the designated Removal Company.


If employees are entitled to store household goods or personal effects, Removal Company will arrange for such storage.

2.3 For <Company name> current South African Projects:
<Number of Telephone>
<Number of Fax>
Attn. <name>/<name>

has been selected and will ensure that goods are collected, weighed, packed and door-to-door delivered.

2.4 For destination services:

<Company Freight International>
<Number of Telephone>
<Number of Fax>

Attn. <name>/<name>

has been subcontracted by <name>

2.5 Dangerous Goods will not be accepted for shipment by selected Removal Company, unless specifically agreed to by Company.

Dangerous Goods are meant to be commodities as described by Law, or ordinances, regulations and provisions, as set forth in the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations and International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code.

3. Responsibilities

The Traffic Supervisor is responsible for implementing this policy and procedure.

The Human Resource Officer is responsible for the overall assignment conditions.

  • The assignee will be responsible to abide by this procedure.

4. Procedure

4.1 Removal

As soon as the employee has agreed to his assignment to South Africa, he or she shall contact the selected removing company, allowing a minimum six (6) working days' notice and agree on a transaction date.

Removal company will come to the assignee's residence and will take delivery of and physically weigh quantities of personal effects as specified under 2.2, prepack (or equivalent for ocean carriage), issue inventory list and transport goods to warehouse for final packaging and marking.

After final packaging, Removal Company will deliver goods for shipment as directed by the Company.

In the event of taking goods into storage, Removal Company will prepack, issue inventory list and transport goods to their warehouse for storage.

Employees' private automobiles may be taken into storage, if compatible with assignment conditions.

4.2 Insurances

Removal Company will carry all-risks insurances, without deduct­ibles, for door-to-door shipping and storage, respectively.

Assignees will have to fill out a form as provided by Removal Company and are responsible for filing loss and damage claims directly with Removal Company. Traffic department personnel will assist employees in filing loss and damage claims, upon request.

4.3 Customs Clearance in South Africa

Goods can only be cleared by the customs at ports of entry (Johannesburg for air shipments and Durban for ocean shipments) upon presentation of completed DA304, P.1.160 and video forms (see attachments) together with a copy of the employee's passport as follows:

front page with the passport number

  • photograph and particulars

  • entry stamp into South Africa

  • temporary residence permit


The General Services Manager of Process Industry Engineering (Pty) Ltd. at Johannesburg will offer coordination services.

Since consignments will be subject to a penalty for each day that the customs clearance documents will not be available, air shipments will generally be withheld one (1) week before actual air freight­ing, so as to allow assignees to prepare and complete documents required.

4.4 Delivery of Goods

Once the goods have been cleared through customs, selected destination agent will arrange delivery to assignee at the latter's predetermined address and assignee will regain possession of his or her personal effects.

4.5 General Instructions

When allowances and/or charges for the move/storage of household goods or personal effects have been exceeded, Traffic Department will report such overage expense to Human Resources Department for collection from the employee, in accordance with applicable policies and procedures.

Household pets will travel entirely at employees' risk and expenses and are, therefore, not considered in this procedure. A separate information sheet "how to proceed" (if pets shall be airfreighted as manifest cargo) is available at the Human Resources Department.

The removal of larger quantities of household goods, than specified under 2.2, will require a special authorization from company's Managing Director.

The mailing/transportation of personal files and/or office appli­ances will be arranged by Company General Services Department.

5. Flowchart

6. References


7. Attachments

1. DA 304 (typical example) (not available)

2. P.1.160 ( " " ) (not available)

3. video form ( " " ) (not available)