The general procedures are divided in general and operational procedure. The general procedures contain corporate standards, management and administrative procedures. The operational procedures are primarily related to project execution because the procedures are written from the perspective of an Engineering Contractor.

The below listing gives an indication of the available procedures. Use the Library Menu navigation bar at the left gives the public procedures on this website or use this link to go directly to the QA System documents ...

Number Title
CM-CS-000 Procedure for Corporate Standards
CM-CS-018 Company Security Program
CM-CS-021 Reporting Theft or misuse of Company Property
CM-CS-023 Management Assessment Program
CM-CS-025 Proper Usage of Personal Computers
CM-CS-026 Internet Usage
CM-CS-027 Microcomputer Software / Data Security
CM-CS-200 Proposal Review and Approval
CM-CS-201 Review and Approval of Contract Documents
CM-CS-203 Recording Receipt of Contract Documents
CM-CS-204 Contracts Briefing Procedure
CM-CS-205 Expenditure of Company or 'Management Risk' Funds
CM-CS-207 Review and Approval of negotiation Plans
CM-CS-208 Review and Approval of Teaming Agreements
CM-CS-209 Review and Approval of Representative Agreements
CM-CS-211 Recording Gross Orders Received
CM-CS-500 Pricing Standards
CM-CS-501 Financial Reports
CM-CS-503 Foreign Tax Planning
CM-CS-504 Release of Financial Information
CM-CS-505 Direct Payroll Costs
CM-CS-507 Audits
CM-CS-508 Labor Reporting
CM-CS-509 Credit and Collection Policy
CM-CS-510 Recording Costs by Earned Value Method
CM-CS-511 Covering Debt and Equity, Procedure
CM-CS-512 Intercompany Borrowed Labor
CM-CS-705 Employee Activities
CM-CS-706 Company Employee Rebates
CM-CS-710 Invention Disclosure, Evaluation and Reward
CM-CS-719 Workplace Violence Prevention
CM-CS-720 Hours of Work
CM-CS-723 Emergency Shutdown
CM-CS-726 Solicitation Rule
CM-CS-727 Standards of Conduct
CM-CS-731 Employee Assistence Program
CM-CS-732 Proffesional Papers Review, Approval & Related Honoraria
CM-MA-007 Retention of Consultants
CM-MA-013 Gross Orders Received and Backlog
CM-MA-100 Preparation of Quality System Documents
CM-MA-103 Maintaining Codes, Standards, Norms, Rules and Regulations (CSNRR)
CM-MA-104 Professional Resumes
CM-MA-107 Minutes of Meeting, Recording of
CM-MA-111 Handling of Reproduction Orders
CM-MA-112 Protection of Proprietary Information
CM-MA-113 Expense Reports and Personal Accounts
CM-MA-114 Allocation of Charge Numbers
CM-MA-115 Project Confidentiality and Employee Notification
CM-MA-116 Intercompany Services
CM-MA-117 Approval of Computer Billing Cost
CM-MA-119 Document Control
CM-MA-300 Management Quality Reviews
CM-MA-301 Preparation and Approval of Organization Charts
CM-MA-302 Preparation and Handling of Cost Center Manhour Prediction Forms
CM-MA-303 Contacts with Media
CM-MA-308 Handling of Customer Complaints
CM-MA-600 Working In Belgium Legal and Social Aspects
CM-MA-601 Working In France Legal and Social Aspects
CM-MA-700 Proposals and Administration of Contract Documents, Preparation of
CM-MA-701 Control of Proposal and Business Development Costs
CM-MA-702 Procedure for Environmental Proposals
CM-MA-703 Procedure for Limited Effort Proposals (Level 2)
CM-MA-800 Training
CM-MA-801E Weekly Time Reporting (English Version)
CM-MA-801N Weekly Time Reporting (Nederlandse Version - not available)
CM-MA-802 Control of Planned Personnel Actions (Personnel Action Notice)
CM-MA-804 Administrative Assignments of Company Personnel to Job Locations
CM-MA-805 Job Description
CM-MA-806 Business Travel Policy
CM-MA-807 Interviewing
CM-MA-814 Recruitment Advertising and/or Consultant
CM-MA-818 Assignment of personnel to other company offices
CM-MA-820 Schooling Cost (In Case of Assignment)
CM-MA-827 Travel Authorization
CM-MA-828 Transportation of Household Goods to Foreign Locations
CM-MA-829 Tax Protection Policy
CM-MA-830 Human Resources Functions and Formalities
CM-MA-831 In-House Utilization of Subcontract or Temporary Staff Agencies
CM-MA-837E Flexible Working Time Regulations (FWT) (English Version)
CM-MA-837N Flexible Working Time Regulations (FWT) (Nederlandse Version)
CM-MA-838 Performance Evaluations
CM-MA-900 Acquisition of Office Supplies, Furniture, Equipment and Services
CM-MA-901 Shipment of Documents
CM-PE-002 Preparation of Engineering Flow Diagrams and Related Documents
CM-PE-003 Technical Bulletins
CM-PE-100 Project Specific Procedures
CM-PE-101 Identification and Verification of Project References
CM-PE-110 Project File Coding and Maintenance
CM-PE-111 Final Disposition of Project Documents
CM-PE-114 Mechanical Catalogs, Preparation of
CM-PE-115 Project History Reports, Preparation of
CM-PE-116 Archiving
CM-PE-117 Preparation of Design Books
CM-PE-118 Project Close-Out
CM-PE-303 Project Procedure and Execution Manual
CM-PE-304 Launch of Projects
CM-PE-305 Preparation of Project Progress Reports
CM-PE-306 Multi-discipline Design Reviews
CM-PE-308 Basic Design Data
CM-PE-312 Planning and Quantification of Subcontracts
CM-PE-313 Control of Project Variations
CM-PE-315 Monthly Project Status Reviews
CM-PE-316 Periodic Detail Management Review of Start-up Review of Selected Projects
CM-PE-318 Spare Parts
CM-PE-319 Transfer of Lessons Learned
CM-PE-320 The Application of Value Engineering
CM-PE-400 Production of Process Engineering Documents
CM-PE-402 Preparation of Process Performance Guarantees
CM-PE-404 Engineering Data Transfer Between Process Department and Control Systems Department
CM-PE-500 Preparation and Handling of Requisitions
CM-PE-503 Subcontracting Engineering Services
CM-PE-504 Production of Engineering Documents
CM-PE-505 Design Models
CM-PE-506 Model Review
CM-PE-509 Split of Engineering Work
CM-PE-510 Technical Evaluation of Quotations
CM-PE-511 Technical Review of Vendor Documents
CM-PE-700 Capability Assessment of Vendors and Suppliers
CM-PE-701 Procurement Progress Measurement
CM-PE-704 Substitution of Materials
CM-PE-705 Subcontracts Procedure
CM-PE-706 Vendor Print Control
CM-PE-708 Purchasing
CM-PE-709 Bid Clarification Meetings
CM-PE-710 Assessment of Construction Capabilities of Subcontractors
CM-PE-711 Vendor Quality System Requirements, Procedure for
CM-PE-800 Plant Completion, Use of Standard Checklists for
CM-PE-801 Constructability
CM-PE-900 Cost Control
CM-PE-904 Project Accounting Vendor/SC Invoice Control and Release for Payment
CM-PE-905 Project Accounting Client Services
CM-PE-906 Project Accounting Administration of Field Expenditures
CM-PE-907 Project Accounting Client Billings
CM-PE-910 Planning Procedure
CM-PE-920 Application of the Project Execution (PEC) System
CM-QA-001 Internal Quality Audits
CM-SA-001 Implementation of the Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) Program
CM-SA-002 Safety Audits