Table of Contents

  1. Purpose
  2. Definitions
  3. Policy
  4. Responsibilities
  5. References

1. Purpose

This procedure establishes policy concerning the usage of personal computers within Company. It is intended that this document applies to all models and types of company personal computing devises.

2. Definitions

a. Asset Tag

b. Tag number which is assigned to an asset for identification and inventory purposes. Typically a self-adhesive label with tag number and bar-code.

c. Personal Computer Hardware

d. Personal computer hardware refers to all tangible devices which attach to, and include, but are not limited to; central processing unit (CPU), keyboard, memory, disk drive, monitor, monitor board, digitizer tablet, printer, network peripherals, modem, cable, etc. Hardware includes upgrades to existing systems as well as new configurations.

e. Personal Computer Software

f. Personal computer software refers to all operating systems and programs which reside on personal computer hardware platforms or networks to which these platforms are attached. Software includes single and multi-user licenses products, as well as upgrades to existing packages.

3. Policy

It is the policy of the company that:

g. Obtaining personal computer hardware of software shall be accomplished by adherence to ref. 5.1.

h. Company provided hardware and software is to be used for company business purposes only.

i. All computer equipment is the property of the company and is to be treated as such.

j. Company asset tags are not to be removed under any circumstances.

k. All personal computers are required to have and execute an approved utilization accounting system. Log reports document utilization and insure proper billing.

l. Use of employee procured, provided and/or owned hardware of software in conjunction with, or in lieu of, company equipment is not permitted.

m. Purchased software is generally owned by the developer, licensed to the company, and is protected by international laws.

4. Responsibilities

a. Vice President, Administration

b. Maintains ownership of all company computer assets.

c. Director of Information Services

d. Insures this standard reflects current company policy for personal computer usage.

e. Enforces this procedure.

f. Information Systems Department

g. Verifies presence and utilization of an approved log system on all personal computers.

h. Accountability for personal computer, peripherals, software.

i. Maintains asset tracking system to reflect current status of computer devices.

j. System Administrator

k. Submission of log reports and compliance to international laws and company policies stated by this and other procedures.

l. Personal Computer User

m. Adhere to policies defined in the procedure.

5. References

Document Number Title Level
CM-CS-006 (later) PC Acquisition and Controls 2