Table of Contents

  1. Purpose
  2. Procedure
  3. Sample Reminder

1. Purpose

The procedure described hereafter is to remind all employees of their confidentiality obligations on each assignment.

This will be achieved by the periodic issue of reminders.

For the complete text of these reminders, see paragraph 3.0.

2. Procedure

On issue of a proposal or job number (I, N, or BI, BN series), it is the responsibility of the Sales Engineer to issue instructions on the confidentiality of the proposal/job to the Proposals Manager, respectively the Project Manager, with a copy to the Manager Project Engineering. The Sales Engineer will confirm this with the General Counsel.

2.1 Proposals

On proposals, the distribution of reminders is the responsibility of the Proposals Manager. The Proposals Manager will send the Sales Engineer concerned the appropriate reminder form with a request to date, sign and distribute it to all personnel charging time to the proposal. This will be done once, at the inception of proposal work.

2.2 Jobs

On jobs, the distribution of reminders is the responsibility of the Project Manager. The Project Manager will sign and distribute the appropriate reminder form to all personnel charging time to the job. Repeat reminders will be distributed by the Project Manager every six months for the duration of the job.

2.3 Record

Action taken will be recorded on two separate lists, one for propos als and one for jobs, to be maintained respectively by the Proposals Manager and the Manager Project Engineering.

Lists will show:    
Job/proposal No.   Reminder sent to Sales Engineer  
Client process Yes/No Project Manager    Date

3. Sample Reminder

To: All Employees on Project No. .......  
SUBJECT : Confidentiality  

This is a brief reminder that all confidential information imparted to or acquired by you in connection with the above identified project must be maintained in strict confidence. It is vital to our business that every reasonable effort be made by you to avoid and to prevent any unauthorized disclosure or use of such information.