Table of Contents

  1. Policy
  2. Applicability
  3. Responsibility
  4. Procedure
  5. Attachments

1. Policy

An important opportunity and risk for Company arises from our interviews with the trade, financial and general media.  We are establishing these rules and guidelines to increase the opportunity and reduce the risk.  We must keep in mind, however, that risk can never be eliminated if we are willing to expose ourselves to the media.

2. Applicability

This policy applies to all personnel at Company and subsidiaries.

3. Responsibility

Department Managers are responsible for assuring compliance with this policy.

4. Procedure

Interviews generally fall into two categories:

1.  The telephone call from a reporter who is seeking information from many people in order to complete an article or news report to meet a rapidly approaching deadline

2.  The formal interview where Company will be featured on an important topic.

The second category is quite rare but very important to us when it occurs.

4.1 The Phone Call

Receiving the call

Calls from a reporter can be received by almost anyone. It is essential that a recipient refers the call to persons designated on the Attachment, even if the recipient believes himself competent to reply. In turn, the designated persons have the responsibility to keep up-to-date on the Company's position on his field of expertise. Further, the Company must pass along to the designated persons the latest pertinent information on policy. If the designated persons are unavailable, the call should be referred to responsible person, who will find an appropriate responder.

Responding to the call

1.  Find out name of interviewer, of publication and the scope of the article or news report being researched.

2.  State that Company prefers in-person over telephone interviews. If that isnot possible obtain telephone number so that you can return the call after verification of information under paragraph 1. The call must be returned within 1 hour unless the interviewer allows more time.

3.  Get all the questions at the beginning of the interview.

4.  If the questions are complicated or sensitive, research and outline your response prior to returning the call.

5.  Make careful notes of what you say. Write a confirming letter to the reporter.

4.2 The In-depth Interview

Accepting the invitation

If you are invited to participate in an in-depth interview, you must secure approval from the General Manager.

Prior to the interview

Find out the detailed scope of the interview. Research the appropriate subjects. Have an outline of the major points you want to make.

During the interview

Nothing is "off the record" unless a clear agreement is reached with the reporter.

Answer one question at a time.

Don't be afraid to say "I don't know".

Ask to see the story before it is printed or reported. You may be turned down.

5. Attachments

1.  Contacts with media.





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Managing Director

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