The general guides are related to executing work such as inspections, auditing but also guide lines for testing for example equipment. These guides are usually not part of the auditable section of the QA system. The focus of the guides is primarily related to project execution because the procedures are written from the perspective of an Engineering Contractor.

The below listing gives an indication of the available procedures. Use Library Menu navigation bar at the left to view the public procedures on this website or use this link to go directly to the QA system documents >

Number Title
BN-G-U001 Terminology
BN-G-U002 Engineering Safety, Health, Welfare and Environmental (SHWE) Program (SHWE in Design Features)
BN-G-UC001 Control of Welding Materials at Job Site
BN-G-UC002 Control of Measuring and Testing Equipment
BN-G-UC004 Field Construction Safety, Health, Welfare and Environmental Program
BN-G-UC005 Evaluation of Safety Plans
BN-G-UC006 Guidelines for the Investigation of Incidents, (Near miss) Accidents
BN-G-UE201 User Reference Guide Materials Management Tools Company Automated Materials Program
BN-G-UE202 Bulk Material Management Execution Plan and Procedures, Guide for
BN-G-UE301 Control Systems Guide for Interface Between Constrol Systems and Electrical Group
BN-G-UK001 Evaluation of Quality Plans
BN-G-UK002 Qualifications of Quality Assurance Personnel
BN-G-UK003 Project Audits of all Disciplines
BN-G-UK005 Evaluation of Quality Manuals
BN-G-UK030/5 Quality Control Report Piping Details (Form)
BN-G-UK107 Instrument Price Database with Curves - Improved Instrument Estimating Project (IIEP)
BN-G-UL001 Department Audit Checklist
BN-G-UL002 Human Resources Standard Reports
BN-G-UP201 Vendor Inspections and Test
BN-G-UP202 Qualifications of Inspection Personnel
BN-G-UP203 QA Evaluation of Suppliers
BN-G-US001 Computer Operations Guide
BN-G-US004 Computer Room Keys Memo
BN-G-US005 ICT PC Virus Guide
BN-G-US007 Data Administration and Sql Access Guide
BN-G-Y001 Foreword
BN-G-Y002 Site Quality Organization, Responsibilities and Interfaces
BN-G-Y003 Subcontractor's Quality System
BN-G-Y004 Quality Records
BN-G-Y005 Quality Auditing
BN-G-Y006 Listing of References, Code and Standards
BN-G-Y007 Engineering Document Control
BN-G-Y008 Materials Quality Management
BN-G-Y009 Care and Preservation of Equipment During Construction
BN-G-Y010 Nonconformance Management System
BN-G-Y011 Civil Inspection and Testing
BN-G-Y012 Rotating Equipment Inspection and Testing
BN-G-Y013 Mechanical Equipment Inspection and Testing
BN-G-Y014 Heating, Ventilation and Airconditioning Inspection and Testing
BN-G-Y015 Piping Systems Inspection and Testing
BN-G-Y016 Flushing
BN-G-Y017 Welding Inspection
BN-G-Y018 Non-Destructive Examination
BN-G-Y019 Instrumentation Inspection and Testing
BN-G-Y020 Electrical Inspection and Testing
BN-G-Y021 Painting and Insulation Inspection and Testing
BN-G-Y022 Punchlisting, Completion and Turnover
BN-G-Y023 Standard Checklist for Plant Completion