A company needs personnel and tools to execute work or projects. The importance of human resources is sometimes underestimated, leading to project execution problems due to communication errors, inexperienced personnel or other operation problems. Intermediate evaluation of personnel is like keeping a finger on machinery to find out whether it is still running well.
The below forms are tools to organize some of the human resources tasks.
Number(.PDF) Description
RB12001 Request for Vacation, Snipperday (S) and Special Leave (2-Fold)
RB12003 Separation Checklist Part A
RB12004 Separation Checklist Part B
RB12006 Personel Data Sheet for Agency Personnel
RB12007 Clearance Certificate - Part C
RB12008 Authorization for Travel
RB12009 Formulier Studiekostenvergoeding
RB12010 Aanmeldingsformulier ongevallenverzekering
RB12011 Additional Personal Dat, Sheet 1
RB12012 Application Form
RB12015 Performance Review
RB12017 Additional Personal Data
RB12018 Openbaar Vervoer Verklaring (Public Transport Statement)
RB12020 Work Permit Details and Residence Permit Details
RB12021 Request Form to buy back vacation days
RB12023 Job Description Cover Sheet
RB12024 Aanvraag uitbetaling spaargelden
RB12025 Personal Data Sheet for Company Personnel