The project construction phase of a process plant requires adequate management and control of quality, cost and timinig. Various hold points and check points are part of the construction execution to ensure that the construction work is progressing according plan.

During the construction various forms are completed to document the check and hold points. These forms are required to demonstrate to the client and end-user that proper measures are taken to assure a high quality end product.

Number(.PDF) Description
RB26C01 Piping Test System Register
RB26C02 Inspection Record for Piping Release for Flushing and Pressure Testing
RB26C03 Inspection and Test Record for Piping Completion and Certificate for Flushing, Pressure Testing, Blowing, Reinstatement and Completion
RB26C04 Inspection and Test Record for Underground Piping
RB26C05 Pressure Test Record (Piping)
RB26C30 Inspection Record for Site Welding
RB26C31 Weld Repair Report
RB26C32 Inspection Report for Field Welds
RB26C33 Radiograph Inspection Report
RB26C34 Radiography Record Sheet
RB26C35 Record of Welder Performance Qualification Test on Groove Welds
RB26E01 Inpsection Record for Underground Cable Pulling
RB26E02 Inspection Record for Cable Trays/Ladders
RB26E03 Inpsection and Test Record for L.V. Cable
RB26E04 Test Record for Distribution Feeder Cable (M.V./H.V.)
RB26E05 Inspection Record for Earting Systems
RB26E06 Continuity Tests Record of Earthing Conductors for Equipment
RB26E07 Earth Electrode Resistance Test Record
RB26E08 Inspection Record for Electrical Heat Tracing
RB26E09 Inspection Record for Basic Inspection of Electrical Equipment
RB26E10 Inspection Record for Switch Houses (including transformer yards)
RB26E11 Inspection and Test Record for Bus-Bar Assemblies - HV Switchgear
RB26E12 Inspection and Test for Record for Switching Units - HV Switchgear
RB26E13 Inspection and Test Record for Bus-Bar Assemblies - LV Switchgear (including incoming and sectionalizer units)
RB26E14 Inspection and Test Record for Outgoing Units - LV Switchgear
RB26E15 LV Overcurrent and Earth-Fault Protection Relay Test Record
RB26E16 Inspection and Test Record for Power Transformer
RB26E17 Inspection and Test Record for Voltage Transformer (and UV Relay)
RB26E18 Test Record for Current Transformer (and Ammeter)
RB26E19 Test Record for Overcurrent/Earth/Fault Protection Relay (induction type)
RB26E20 Test Record for Overcurrent/Earth/Fault Protection Relay (thermal type)
RB26E21 Test Record for Differential Protection Relay
RB26E22 Inspection and Test Record for Electric Motor - Cage-Induction Type (including control unit)
RB26E23 Inspection and Test Record for Static Supply Unit
RB26E24 Inspection and Test Record for Emergency Generators
RB26E25 Inspection and Test Record for Lighting Installation (including distribution board)
RB26G01 Inspection Record for Air Handling Units
RB26G02 Inspection Record for Airflow Control Devices
RB26G03 Inspection Record for Air Diffusing Equipment
RB26G04 Inspection Record for Air Ducting System
RB26G05 Test Record for Pressure/Vacuum** Test of HVAC System
RB26G06 Overall Inspection Record for HVAC System
RB26J01 Setting-out Report for Plant Benchmarks
RB26J02 Piling Report
RB26J03 Inspection Record for Concrete Works (Authorization to Pour)
RB26J04 Concrete Placement Record
RB26J05 Inspection Record for Finished Concrete Works
RB26J06 Concrete Cylinder/Cube Report
RB26J07 Concrete Test Results
RB26J08 Summary of Concrete Test Results
RB26J09 Foundation Settlement Data Report
RB26J10 Inspection Record for Grouting
RB26J11 Inspection and Test Record for Sewers
RB26J12 Inspection and Test Record for Waterproof Membrane of Basin
RB26J13 Inspection Record for Paving and Subgrade/Soil in General
RB26J14 Inspection Record for Roads/Carparks
RB26J15 Inspection and Test Record for Retention Basins
RB26J16 Inspection Record for Steel Structures
RB26J17 Inspection Record for Fireproofing
RB26J18 Inspection Record for Refractory Linings
RB26J19 Inspection Record for Blockwork
RB26J20 Inspection Record for Wall Insulation of Buildings
RB26J21 Inspection Record for Roof Insulation and Roofing of Buildings
RB26J22 Inspection Record for Wall Cladding of Buildings/Structures
RB26J23 Inspection Record for Suspended Ceiling of Buildings
RB26J24 Inspection Record for Windows, Doors, Openings of Buildings
RB26J25 Inspection and Test Record for Plumbinb/Sanitary Installation of Buildings
RB26J26 Inspection Record for Internal Finishing of Buildings
RB26J27 Inspection Record for Complete Building (minor building)
RB26J28 Inspection Record for Fencing
RB26J29 Inspection Record for Gates
RB26J30 Inspection and Test Record for Boom Gates
RB26K01 Inspection and Test Record for Loop Checks
RB26K02 Inspection and Test Record for Instrument Pre-installation and Calibration
RB26K03 Inspection and Test Record for Control Valve Pre-installation
RB26K04 Inspection and Test Record for Trip and Alarm Checks
RB26K05 Inspection for Instrument Installation and Mechanical Acceptance Form
RB26K06 Inspection Record for Cabinets/Consoles
RB26K07 Inspection Record for Installation Acceptance of Safeguarding System and/or Sequential System
RB26K08 Inspection Record for Installation Acceptance of DCS System
RB26K09 Inspection Record for Junction Boxes
RB26K10 Inspection Record for Instrument Earting System
RB26K11 Inspection Record for Instrument Air Supply Pressure Test
RB26K12 Inspection Record for On-line Stream Analyzers (General) and Analyzer House
RB26K13 Inspection Record for Process Gas Chromatograph and Acceptance Sheet
RB26K14 Inspection Record for Erection of Flow, Pressure, Level, Switches
RB26K15 Cable Insulation and Continuity Test Report Instrument Cables
RB26K16 Orifice Plate Installation Record
RB26K17 Tracking Document for Instrument Connections to Piping and Mechanical Equipment
RB26K18 Preliminary Mechanical Acceptance Report for Instrumentation
RB26K19 Inspection Record for Local Indicating Instruments Pressure, Temperature, Flow and Level Gauges
RB26K20 Inspection Record for Instrument Impulse Hook-ups
RB26M01 Equipment Incoming Inspection Record
RB26M02 Inspection Record for Towers/Vessels and Closing Certificate
RB26M03 Inspection and Test Record for Tanks and Closing Certificate
RB26M04 Tank Test Certificate
RB26M05 Record of Vessel Tests
RB26M06 New Equipment Data - Radiographic Inspection Report
RB26M07 Inspection Record for Exchangers
RB26M08 Inspection Record for Air Coolers
RB26M09 Run-in Test Record for Air Coolers
RB26M10 Inspection Record for Mixers
RB26M11 Inspection Record for Cooling Towers and Closing Certificate
RB26M12 Inspection Record for Furnaces/Boilers and Closing Certificate
RB26M13 Inspection Record for Packaged Boiler Units and Closing Certificate
RB26M14 Inspeciton Record for Packaged Units: Vessels/Columns/Skids/Filters and Closing Certificate
RB26M15 Inspection Checklist for Travelling Cranes
RB26M16 Inspection and Test for Elevator and Hydraulic Lift Table
RB26N01 Inspection and Test Record for Painting
RB26N02 Inspection and Test Record for Insulation
RB26P01 Inspection and Test Record for Pump/Compressor Set
RB26P02 Test Record for Rotating Equipment Alignment
RB26P03 Inspection and Test Record for Alignment of Belt-driven Rotating Equipment
RB26P04 Inspection and Test Record for Mixers
RBY002 Site Quality Responsibilities Matrix
RBY003 Inspection and Test Plan (ITP)
RBY005A Quality Audit Schedule
RBY005B Notice of Quality Audit
RBY005C Report of Quality Audit
RBY005D Quality Audit Report Questionnaire
RBY005E Quality Audit Report Conclusions
RBY005F Quality Audit Log and Status Report
RBY007A Site Engineering Query (SEQ)
RBY007B Site Engineering Query Log and Status Report
RBY010A Nonconformance Report
RBY010B Nonconformance Log and Status Report
RBY022A Subcontractor's Request for Punchlisting
RBY022B Punchlist
RBY022C Punchlist Log and Status Report
RBY022D Certificate of Functional system Mechanical Completion - Ready for Start-up* and Turnover