The engineering guides are intended for executing work such as engineering calculations, prepare reports or preparing engineering documents. These guides are usually not part of the auditable section of the QA system. The focus of the guides is primarily related to project execution because the procedures are written from the perspective of an Engineering Contractor.

The below listing gives an indication of the available procedures. Use Library Menu navigation bar at the left to view the public procedures on this website or use this link to go directly to the QA system documents >

Number Title
BN-EG-J11 Civil Specifications to be Incorporated In Requisitions for Reinforced Concrete Stacks
BN-EG-J12 Soil Bearing Rectangular Foundation Eccentrically Loaded
BN-EG-K1 Limitation of Control Valve Noise
BN-EG-K2 Standard Method for Orifice Calculations
BN-EG-K3 Standard Method for Control Valve Calculations
BN-EG-K4 Standard Method for Safety Relief Valve Calculations
BN-EG-UE001 Engineering Design Guide Pressure Temperature Profile (PTP)
BN-EG-UE002 General Rules to Establish Mechanical Design Pressures and Temperatures
BN-EG-UE003 Engineering Design Units of Measurement
BN-EG-UE101 Process Close-Out Reports
BN-EG-UE102 Trayed and Packed Tower Inspections
BN-EG-UE103 Seminar Reporting
BN-EG-UE104 Recording Telephone Conversations
BN-EG-UE105 Execution of a HAZOP Study
BN-EG-UE106 Production of a Hazardous Materials Properties List
BN-EG-UE109 Guide for Vessel Sizing
BN-EG-UE203 Defining Information to be Submitted to Pressure Vessel Authorities or Designated Third Party Organizations
BN-EG-UE204 Preparation of Equipment Classification Lists for Pressure Vessel Authorities
BN-EG-UE205 Preparation of Pump Lists for Pressure Vessel Authorities
BN-EG-UE206 Nader Onderzoek by Stoomwezen
BN-EG-UE207 Fabrication and Erection of Stoomwezen Piping
BN-EG-UE208 Preparation of Engineering Flow Diagrams
BN-EG-UE214 Preparation of Equipment Classification Lists for the PED Authority
BN-EG-UE220 Guide on Four Major CE-marking Guidelines per Account Code
BN-EG-UE306 Procurement of Design Models
BN-EG-UE308 Safety Instrumented Systems and Reliability Analysis, Engineering Guide for