The buttons at the top of the PCC program window can be used for quick access to frequently used functions. All of the functions can also be accessed via the menu dropdown items. The buttons are from left to right corresponding to menu item:

Program Toolbar
Program toolbar with buttons


  • 'New project', to create a new project with pipe classes. See New Project.
  • 'Open project', to open an existing project. See Open Project.


  • 'New pipe class', to create a new pipe class in the current project. See New pipe class.
  • 'Edit pipe class', to edit the current pipe class settings (line sizes are part of the pipe class settings). See Edit pipe class.


  • 'Edit flange table', to select the flanges in the pipe class. See Table Flange.
  • 'Edit pipe table', to select the pipes in the pipe class. See Table Pipe.
  • 'Edit elbow table', to select the elbows in the pipe class. See Table Elbow.
  • 'Edit miter bend table', to select the miter bends in the pipe class. See Table Miter bend.
  • 'Edit cap table', to select the caps in the pipe class. See Table Cap.
  • 'Edit reducer table', to select the reducers in the pipe class. See Table Reducer.
  • 'Edit tee table', to select the tees in the pipe class. See Table Tee.
  • 'Edit weldolet table', to select the weldolets in the pipe class. See Table Weldolet.
  • 'Edit stub-on & stub-in table', to select the stub-ons/-ins in the pipe class. See Table Stub-On & Stub-In.
  • 'Edit branch table', to select the types of branches per line size combination. See Table Branch Table.
  • 'Edit gasket table', to edit the gasket types per line size. See Table Gasket.
  • 'Edit valve table', to edit the valve types per line size. See Table Valve.

Execute calculation

  • 'Calculate summary', to calculate the entire pipe class and view the results marked in colors on the summary sheet. The colors can be defined when editing the project general data. See Calculate Summary.
  • 'List of calculations', to create a report of most significant detail calculation results. See List All Calculations.
  • 'Calculate component', to review the individual and detail calculations per component. See Calculate Component.


  • 'Zoom in', to zoom in on the summary sheet.
  • 'Zoom out', to zoom out on the summary sheet.


  • 'Export summary in MS Excel', to export the summary sheets to Microsoft Excel ® format file.
  • 'Print summary', to print the summary sheets on a printer.
  • 'Print preview', to view the summary sheets before printing.


  • 'Help', to view the help subjects in the user manual.