3.2 Subcontractor's Quality Plan (SCQP)
3.3Inspection and Test Plan (ITP)
3.4Recording Inspection and Test Results
3.5Procedures/Method Statements
3.6Listing of Contents of Quality Dossier
3.7Kick-off Meeting
3.8Quality Control

3.1 General

One of the criteria of selection of a subcontractor is his ability to work within the framework of a formal quality system based on ISO 9001, ISO 9002 or ISO 9003 according to the nature and scope of the subcontract. In practice some subcontractors are less able than others to meet this requirement. It is important therefore that the Quality Assurance Manager closely monitors the subcontractor's creating and operating of his quality system, giving assistance where necessary. Prior to starting work, the subcontractor shall define his quality system adapted to the specific requirements of the subcontract by means of the following documents presented to Company for approval:

  • Subcontractor's Quality Plan* (covering also subcontractors' activities)
  • Inspection & Test Plan
  • Model Inspection and Test Record Forms
  • Procedures and Method Statements
  • Listing of Contents of Quality Dossier
    *See Refencen 3.9.1.

A kick-off meeting will be held between Company and subcontractor before work starts to ensure that all requirements are understood.

The subcontractor shall execute the subcontract in accordance with the above listed documents and shall record the results of his inspection and tests on his forms, which shall be filed on an ongoing basis in the Quality Dossier.

The subcontractor shall verify the effectiveness of his quality system by means of periodic internal quality audits and control anomalies by means of his own nonconformance management system.

Company will monitor the application of the subcontractor's quality system be means of:

  • Ongoing surveillance
  • Presence at holdpoints
  • Processing of nonconformances
  • Periodic or special audits
  • Review of documents
  • Any additional inspection or tests that Company may carry out directly or through a third party
The above outlines what is required of the subcontractor's quality system and how it will be monitored by Company. Subsequent subsections of this document as well as the rest of this Quality Manual gives fuller details of each element mentioned.

3.2 Subcontractor's Quality Plan (SCQP)

This document is to be produced by the subcontractor within the period stated in the subcontract. The purpose of it is to enable the subcontractor to define in a brief straight forward manner the quality system he intends to create and operate in order to meet the subcontract requirements.

The Subcontractor's Quality Plan (SCQP) shall be prepared according to the following format or to one giving equivalent information. (See Reference 3.9.2, which is a model to be filled in by the subcontractor, the object being to simplify and speed-up the preparation of the SCQP)

- Front cover page with:

  • Subcontractor's name and logoProject title
  • "Subcontractor's Quality Plan"
  • Subcontract title
  • Company subcontract number
  • Document number, revision, date of issue, names and signatures of author and approver

- Table of Contents

- Main body of document under the following headings with appendices added as required. An indication of expected contents is given after each heading.

  1. Subcontract Work Scope Breakdown

( ... )

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