Section 4

Table of Contents

4.1 Definitions
4.2 Origins
4.3 Project Specific Requirements
4.4 Quality Dossier (Subcontract)
4.5 Turnover Documentation
4.6 References

4. Quality Records

4.1 Definitions

Quality records comprise documents which:

  • Define how project quality requirements are to be attained.
  • Demonstrate that project quality requirements have been attained.
  • Register deviations from quality requirements.

Together they form a basis on which to build the future operation, maintenance and eventual extensions or modifications to the plant. Quality records may be in the form of:

  • Paper documents (e.g. drawings, forms or reports).
  • Microfiches.
  • Films (radiography).
  • Electronic carriers e.g. floppy disks.
4.2 Origins
Quality records may originate from:
  • Company.
  • Material suppliers to the subcontractors or to Company.
  • Subcontractors and their own subcontractors.
  • Third party laboratories, inspection and test agencies, surveyors or specialist consultants reporting to the subcontractor or directly to Company.
  • Authorities or their authorized representatives.
This manual only covers quality records associated with the site and its surroundings. Generation and processing of quality records during the design and procurement stages are defined elsewhere.

4.3 Project Specific Requirements
Ideally these are defined in detail in the subcontracts, requisitions and specifications. It is the responsibility of the Site Engineer and the Quality Assurance Manager to review requirements as early as possible, then to make sure that appropriate quality records will be produced as and when required. Should there be any ambiguities then the Site Engineer shall clarify them.

4.4 Quality Dossier (Subcontract)

The Quality Dossier is the ensemble of quality records built-up in a structured manner by the subcontractor as his work advances. Company exercise control over its format and content by:

  • Defining basic requirements in the subcontract, or better still at the invitation for bids stage.
  • The Quality Assurance Manager detailing as soon as possible these requirements with the subcontractor, in terms of specific documents as well as the overall format of the Dossier.
  • The Construction Specialist day-by-day ensuring forms are completed and signed for ongoing entry into the Quality Dossier.
  • The Quality Assurance Manager by auditing and by a final check on completion. The title and content of the various sections and the order in which they appear depends on the type of subcontract. They could be arranged:
  • By type of document.
  • Grouped by physical or geographical divisions, by building for example.
  • By functional system.
Precise requirements must be defined for each subcontract and preferably made contractual, however the following is given as an indication of the type of documents required:

Title Page
Client Name:
Site Location:
Plant Name:
"Quality Dossier"
Subcontract No.
(Title of subcontract)
(Name of subcontractor)
and his reference
(Each chapter shall also have a title page with a summary of contents)
List of Contents
This lists the sections.

A. Subcontractor's Quality Plan
SCQP as approved by Company.

B. Purchased Materials
For all significant material procured by the subcontractor sufficient documentation to operate, maintain and repair it.
This could include:
    • Unpriced copies of suborders.
    • Material certificates.
    • Suppliers' instruction manuals.

Concerning material free issued by Company, in particular concerning piping materials, certificates may be either retained or issued with the materials. In the latter case this documentation would be filed here.

( ... )

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