Table of Contents

14.1 Scope
14.2 Inspection
14.3 Cleanliness
14.4 Testing
14.5 HVAC System Completion
14.6 Balancing and Performance Test
14.7 References

FORMS (Typical Examples Attached)

26G01 Inspection Record for Air Handling Units
26G02 Inspection Record for Airflow Control Devices
26G03 Inspection Record for Air Diffusing Equipment
26G04 Inspection Record for Air Ducting System
26G05 Test Record for Pressure/Vacuum Test for HVAC System
26G06 Overall Inspection and Test Record for HVAC System

For forms for inspection and testing of related packaged boiler units, piping, drains, electrical installations, instrumentation, painting and insulation see references made in 14.2, 14.3 and 14.4, which are listed in 14.7.


14. HVAC Inspection and Testing

14.1 Scope

The purpose of this section is to provide guidelines to Company personnel, in particular to the Construction Specialists, for the inspection and testing of heating, ventilating and airconditioning (HVAC) systems.

Primary responsibility for quality is that of the subcontractor who shall satisfy himself through his own quality system that specified requirements are met.

It is the responsibility of the Construction Specialists to ensure that the subcontractor is in fact effectively applying his quality system and obtaining acceptable results.

For smaller installations the subcontractor may be given complete responsibility for:

  • Detailed design.
  • Procurement of all materials and equipment.
  • Site erection including insulation.
  • Precommissioning, balancing and testing.

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