1. Vessel Diameter refers to the figure given on the Vessel drawing
  2. anchorbolt types refer tot anchorbolt standard BN_ES_J.1
  3. Slide plate marks refer to standard for slide plates BN_DS_J 28
  4. The anchorbolts of the specified type shall always be checked to resist the 'expansion force'.
    -The value of the 'pulling force' shall be calculated in accordance with the civil design specification.
  5. If the expansion force 'is bigger than the total allowable shear force on two anchorbolts of the specified type, then the sieze of the bolts shall be increased accordingly.
    -For allowable shear forces see anchorbolt standard BN_ES_J 1
  6. A deviation from the specified anchorbolt type affects the size of the anchorbolt holes and shall be immediately rpeorted to the vessel vendor and slide plate vendor.
  7. In case of low operating temperature concrete plinths to be protected with wooden blocks in accordance with BN_DS_J 30.

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