Fluor Netherlands is using the PCC software of Red-Bag for the calculation of their pipe class components. During the years Fluor has provided valuable feedback for the further development of the software and the cooperation has been successful ever since.


We are pleased to announce the Fluor US has selected the PCC software for their worldwide offices. The current release of PCC includes the most used ASME calculation codes such as B31.3, B31.3, B31.4 and B31.8. Also the PCC software can work in US customary units and the database contains the original US customary values for dimensions and material properties.

Red-Bag is proud to have Fluor as a customer. It marks again the work and dedication of Red-Bag to provide software tools that are an added value to piping and mechanical engineering work.

Have a look at our site or contact us to find out why Fluor has selected Red-Bag.