The engineering standards contain ready to use examples and tools to perform engineering work. The standards part is limited but will be further update with tools made by Red-Bag.

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Number Title
BN-ES-C1 Standard Symbols for Process and Engineering Flow Diagrams
BN-ES-C2 Piping Material Program
BN-ES-J1 Anchor Bolt Standard (Iso Metric Thread)
BN-ES-J2 Anchor Bolt Standard (Unc Thread)
BN-ES-J3 Inquiry List for Foundations to Reciprocating and Rotating Machines
BN-ES-J4 Square Necked Tee-Head Bolts With Sleeves for Vertical Equipment
BN-ES-N1 Example of Pipe Insulation Take-Off (Fully Insulated Line)
BN-ES-N2 Example of Computerized Pipe Insulation Take-Off (Fully Insulated Line)