Table of content

  1. Purpose
  2. Checking of Plotplans
  3. Recording of Changes
  4. References
  5. Attachments

1. Purpose

This procedure, by the application of checklists, describes the safeguarding of quality aspects of engineering work in the development of plotplans and plant layouts. It covers the requirements to ensure that the applicable specified design basis, regulatory requirements, codes and standards are correctly translated in their development within the Engineering Department.

2. Checking of Plotplans

The plotplans and plant layouts shall be verified as a minimum against four lists, as follows:

2.1 Checklist for Administration

All changes on the plotplans shall be recorded properly on the revision lists and the marked-up issues filed. Attachment 1 contains checklist that covers the administrative aspects of plotplan control.

2.2 Safety Checklists for Plotplans

All questions of the safety checklist shall be verified against the plotplan, see Attachment 2.

2.3 Checklist for Technical Content of Plotplans

All questions of the checklist will be verified against the plotplan drawing, see Attachment 3.

2.4 Equipment Clearance GuidelineGenerally, clients have their guidelines on clearances between equipment and or local regulations exist. In absence of this data, the figures mentioned in Attachment 4 shall be used as a guide.

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