The design guides section contains examples and descriptions for the exection of engineering work. Part of this section is for example a plant layout guide. The extensive guides, such as the Plant Layout guide, are split in a number of pages, refer for example to BN-DG-C1X serie.

The guides are mainly related to the detail design disciplines, such as mechanical, piping, instrumentation, civil and project engineering.

The following guides will be part of the design guide section, use Library Menu the navigation table at the left to view the content and see which procedures are publicly available or use this link to go directly to the QA system documents >

Number Title
BN-DG-A1 Capacity of Drums with Korborgen Heads
BN-DG-A10 Determining 4 Inch ANSI Pipe Tower Davits (4 Shts), Chart for
BN-DG-A11 Determining Legs for Vertical Vessels With 4 Legs, Chart for
BN-DG-A12 Anchor Bolts Locations for Vessels With Legs, Instructions for
BN-DG-A13 Weights of ANSI Connections Blind Flanges and Manways
BN-DG-A2 Weights of Vessel Shells
BN-DG-A3 Weights of Korbogen Heads (Thickness 6 to 27 mm Incl.) (2 Sheets)
BN-DG-A4 Reinforcing Rings for Shell and Korbogen Heads
BN-DG-A5 Curves for Quick Determination of Nozzle Projection 2 Inch thru 6 Inch (3 Sheets)
BN-DG-A6 Schedule List for ANSI Pipes for Vessel Nozzles
BN-DG-A7 Nomogram for Determining Integral Truss Size Max. Allowable Span and Min. Tray Spaces for Sieve and Valve Type Stainlesssteel Trays 'cold Condition'
BN-DG-A8 EX, IX & WX for Angle Type Integral Trusses of Various Plate thicknesses (2 Sheets)
BN-DG-A9 'l' Max for Angle Type Truss Sizes Under Operating Conditions for S.S. Trays
BN-DG-C1 Plant Layout
BN-DG-C10 Model Estimating and Cost Control
BN-DG-C11 Model Final Data
BN-DG-C12 Checking a 3D PDS Piping Model and Definition of Percentage Completion
BN-DG-C13 Conducting 3D PDS Piping Model Reviews
BN-DG-C1A Plant Layout - General Requirements, Section A
BN-DG-C1B Plant Layout - Pipeway Design, Section B,
BN-DG-C1C Plant Layout - Relief System Design, Section C,
BN-DG-C1D Plant Layout - Columns, Section D,
BN-DG-C1E Plant Layout - Exchangers, Section E,
BN-DG-C1F Plant Layout - Compressors and Drivers, Section F,
BN-DG-C1G Plant Layout - Fired Heaters, Section G,
BN-DG-C1H Plant Layout - Cooling Water Towers, Section H,
BN-DG-C1J Plant Layout - Storage and Loading, Section J,
BN-DG-C1K Plant Layout - Pumps, Section K,
BN-DG-C3 Design the Preparation of Piping Design Documents
BN-DG-C34 Flgd. Contr. Vlv. Piping Manifold 150, 300 - 600 Lb Gate Vlvs. CS
BN-DG-C35 Flgd. Contr. Vlv. Piping Manifold 150, 300 - 600 Lb Gate Vlvs. Mss Stub Ends.
BN-DG-C4 Preparation of Design Models
BN-DG-C5 Conducting Model Reviews
BN-DG-C6 Design Model and Definition of Percentage Completion, Checking of
BN-DG-C7 Design Model Photographs
BN-DG-C8 Health/safety Requirements for the Model Shop
BN-DG-C9 Packing and Shipping of Design Models
BN-DG-DS1 Ladders - Dimensions From Holes to Center Line Vessel
BN-DG-DS10 Platforms - Bracket Location
BN-DG-DS11 Top Platforms - Location of Supports
BN-DG-DS13 Supports for Horizontal Heat Exchangers Sheet 1
BN-DG-DS14 Supports for Horizontal Heat Exchangers Sheet 2
BN-DG-DS20 Exchanger Support - Type 1
BN-DG-DS21 Exchanger Support - Type 2
BN-DG-J1 Radii of Curves for Plant Roads
BN-DG-J10 Miscellaneous Standard Details
BN-DG-J2 Typical Foundation and Anchor Bolt Location Plan Withloading Tables
BN-DG-J3 Bar Bending, Table for
BN-DG-J5 Piling Plan Example Drawing
BN-DG-J6 Foundation Location Plan Example Drawing
BN-DG-J7 General Instructions for Piling Plans and Foundations Location Plans
BN-DG-J8 Concrete Plinths for Horizontal Equipment
BN-DG-J9 Concrete Plinths for Horizontal Vessels
BN-DG-K1 Instrument Main Panel Construction
BN-DG-K1-14 Instrument Connections on Vessels
BN-DG-K10 Instrument Schematic Diagrams
BN-DG-K11 Instrument Installation Details
BN-DG-K13 Instrument Cable List
BN-DG-K4 Instrument Logic Symbols
BN-DG-K5 Instrument Air Piping Details
BN-DG-K6 Typical Field Layout of Instruments
BN-DG-K7 Instrument Wiring Diagram
BN-DG-K8 Document Relation Plan
BN-DG-K9 Instrument Process Piping Details
BN-DG-T1 Standard Types of Fixed Tube Sheet Exchangers(2 Sheets)
BN-DG-T1-16 Determining Dimensions of Heat Exchangers (Float Head Type) (3 Sheets)
BN-DG-T11 Typical Detail Floating Head, Cover Flange and Backing Ring
BN-DG-T12 Orientation of Pass Partitions
BN-DG-T13 Min.Dome Heights for Tube Layout
BN-DG-T14 Baffle & Support Plate Thicknesses and Clearances In Acc Tema 'R'
BN-DG-T15 Drilling Dimensions of Tube Holes
BN-DG-T17 Tube Layout Pitches
BN-DG-T19 Tube Sheet Dimensions for Unit In Acc.With Tema Class 'R' (2 Sheets)
BN-DG-T2 Bundle Retainer for Reboiler (Kettle Types)
BN-DG-T3 Dimensions of Standard Heat Exchangers
BN-DG-T4 Dimensions of Standard Heat Exchangers In Inches
BN-DG-T5 Outer Tube Limit Dimensions of Standard Heat Exchangers
BN-DG-T6 Outer Tube Limit Dimensions of Standard Heat Exchangers In Inches
BN-DG-T7 Numbering and General Notes of Welding Neck Girth Flanges for Heat Exchangers
BN-DG-UD008 Design Guide for the Drafting of Flow Diagrams
BN-DG-UD01 Checking of Flow Diagrams and line designation tables
BN-DG-UD02 Checking of Plotplans and Plant Layouts