The PCC pipe class software includes components such as:

  • pipe
  • butt welding fitting: elbow, cap, reducer, tee
  • socket weld and threaded fitting: elbow, cap, reducer, tee
  • forged fitting: coupling, boss, cap, couplet
  • nipple, plug: swage nipple, bull plug
  • integrally reinforced fitting: weldolet, latrolet socket, threadolet
  • flange: weld neck, loose
  • valve: gate, globe, ball, plug, needle, check

and can handle custom made components such as:

  • pipe bends
  • miter bends
  • pipe and fitting

The PCC software allows to add component descriptions to specify non-standard pipe, fittings, valves or other items like Y-type and witch hat/conical strainers and many others.

Image: component selection menu