The PCC software has an intuitive user interface. The windows and dialogs are designed to mimic the way the engineer works with a pipe class.

The components are selected during the pipe class creation process. The first feature of PCC is to be able to set default values for dimension- and material standards to be used. Other default settings such as corrosion and tolerance are included in the software.

The below images show some of the component selection dialogs. The user can select multiple rows after which the components are set with one click.

Image: defaults setting dialog

Image: pipe selection dialog

The thickness of the component is depending of the design conditions. The pipe schedule design wizard is feature to help the user to select the minimum required schedule for the pipe. The various wizards are updated and continuously extended to facilitate quick design and review of pipe classes. The below image show the pipe schedule selection wizard.

Image: pipe schedule design wizard

Further features include the design of custom components, for example a Tee with an increased crotch thickness or 45 degree stub-in with custom wall thicknesses or creating a custom material with special properties. Contact Red-Bag whether your requirements are included or should be included in the software: contact form