The new VES release 8.1 has been completed and send to the customers.

The following changes and additions have been incorporated:


  • Update UHX 2010, added Ap, Cp for UHX 13.2 step 8 for a more accurate calculation of shear stress
  • Added appendix 26 Bellows for shell & tube heat exchangers
  • Updated help file

EN13445 part 3

  • Clause 8.6 External pressure cone with stiffener ring
  • Clause 14 Bellows for shell & tube heat exchangers
  • Clause 16.4 Local loads on spherical shells
  • Clause 16.5 Local loads on cylindrical shells
  • Clause 16.10 Bracket supports
  • Clause 16.12 Skirts for vertical vessels
  • Updated help file


  • Added D0206 rectangular headers under internal pressure
  • Corrected pressure area calculations D0501 for oblique nozzles on cones
  • Used D0105 1.4 (see appendix 1) to add yield/temperature curve Rst-37.2
  • Exporting to PDF file with predefined file name incorporating item number, revision, part number and document number:E0123 Rev.A Shell Barrel D0201.pdf
  • D0701 for floating head: incorporated length L of the spherical dish to calculate moments and stress. This will reduce stress in the flange
  • Welded flat cover D0401 with opening according D0503. The actual used strength reduction must be z <= 1


  • Added B1 Bend / Elbow Updated help file